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What is best time to go to Dim Sum to Beat the Rush on Sunday?

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Taking our friends to Hei La Moon on Sunday. They have never been before. 4 of us, with one baby. Wondering what time does it start getting packed at? Good time to go? Thanks

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  1. I don't know about Hei La Moon but we did Chau Chow City before noon and it was great. Was definately getting crowded as we were leaving. I think we went between 10-11am. Love this experience.

    1. go early. before 11 if you don't wanna wait. hei la moon gets pretty crowded too.

      1. Definitely go before 11 - it'll be even crazier than usual because of Chinese New Year. What little parading/lion dancing/etc. that we get in Boston will be happening this Sunday.

        1. The best time to avoid the Sunday rush is Saturday. ;)

          As others have suggested, if you must go on Sunday, earlier is better.


          1. Right at opening time. You might have to sit a while before all the stuff starts coming out, but there won't be a line to get seated.

            1. Re. this Sunday's New Year's celebration: It's noisy with firecrackers and smelly from sulphur. Not great for a baby so if you wanted to walk around, this might not be the best time to go.

              1. Earlier is generally better. Though I go against the orthodoxy here and opt for Imperial Garden on Washington Street over Hei La Moon. You can get away with showing up later (as late as 11 or 11:30) without having to elbow through oceans of humanity, and the dim sum is still (to me at least) as good and as varied as at HLM. They are also much better equipped to handle big crowds, since the place is cavernous.

                I don't think Saturday is any better than Sunday for dim sum in my experience -- Chinese don't tend to think in those terms when it comes to dim sum brunch. Weekdays, on the other hand, that's another matter (both places do serve dim sum on weekdays, probably until 3 pm).

                1. Going when they first open is actually not recommended, as you're not likely to get the freshest stuff. Not that they're leftovers, but a lot that was really pre-prepared and you usually won't get some of the more unusual items that are available during the prime dim sum times. I would say roughly arriving after 10am to 10:30am is a good time to minimize wait, but to still enjoy a more varied selection of food. You can get your seats and enjoy the usual treats, but still wait for the special items that tend to come out around 11am-ish.

                  1. I went to HLM around 1 on Sunday for the first time. Such high hopes such a blah experience. We got seated pretty quickly and started off with the smaller clams in Brown Sauce #1. They were okay. Then large meatballs with Brown Sauce #2. Not notable. The dumplings with Chinese Broccoli and shrimp were good. Then larger clams with Brown Sauce #3. Just okay again. We got a few other standard items (taro root cakes, shrimp dumplings, sticky rice) that were fine. But then the carts were very few and far between and had the same stuff. We were 8 and the kids were still hungry. So, we ordered off the menu. The chinese broccoli was nicely cooked but covered with jarred garlic. The spicy salted squid had nice seasoning but was barely cooked. Certainly no reason to go back . ..