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Feb 23, 2007 06:24 PM

What is best time to go to Dim Sum to Beat the Rush on Sunday?

Taking our friends to Hei La Moon on Sunday. They have never been before. 4 of us, with one baby. Wondering what time does it start getting packed at? Good time to go? Thanks

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  1. I don't know about Hei La Moon but we did Chau Chow City before noon and it was great. Was definately getting crowded as we were leaving. I think we went between 10-11am. Love this experience.

    1. go early. before 11 if you don't wanna wait. hei la moon gets pretty crowded too.

      1. Definitely go before 11 - it'll be even crazier than usual because of Chinese New Year. What little parading/lion dancing/etc. that we get in Boston will be happening this Sunday.

        1. The best time to avoid the Sunday rush is Saturday. ;)

          As others have suggested, if you must go on Sunday, earlier is better.


          1. Right at opening time. You might have to sit a while before all the stuff starts coming out, but there won't be a line to get seated.