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Feb 23, 2007 06:11 PM

3 Square Cafe on Abbot Kinney is now open

we went there today, had a late breakfast: Blackforest ham and cheese panino with 2 poached eggs and a plate of baguette slices covered with Ratatouille and then covered with cheese and broiled. Everything was tasty, including a cappucino and a tea, we were billed about $29. The place was only sparsley filled, but Hans Rockenwagner was there making sure everything was running smoothy. There is both indoor and outdoor dining, but today was too blustery to enjoy outdoors without the heat lamp working. The space is modern, though comfortable. It's great to have a new addition to walk to on AK. We were told that for the next few weeks only breakfast and lunch will be served, then dinner service will start. We will definitely be back to try out the remaider of both the breakfast and lunch menus.

3 Sqaure Cafe
1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd

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  1. a website with a menu link?

    1. There was none on the business card, but there is this great technology in the interweb call google. Its easy to use. You should try it.

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        I don't know where that flippant remark came from (it was rude and nowhere close to being helpful), but I was at 3 Square during the cafe opening and asked about a website. They said that it's in the works and will be up and running soon. In the meantime, here are some highlights from their menu:

        Brulee French Toast with Bananas Foster -- my husband had this and had him doing the swoon of joy.

        Muesli with cream and berries -- I had this and THIS had me swooning with joy with an extra hop and a skip. Mind you, it's made with heavy cream so despite the muesli and berries it is definitely not a low fat meal.

        They also have omelets, a german sausage dish, chicken hash and a bunch of other yummy things. The bakery next door offers breakfast pastries if you are on the run and can't stay for a meal.

        We will definitely be back.

        1. re: sharkgirl88

          Yeah, what was that about? Saying flippant is being polite... some of the things I don't like about the "new" 'hood... They should have the new menus either over the weekend or by Monday according to the guys at the bakery.

          Speaking of the bakery, two new items for me: Bull's Horn cookie and Napoleon's Hat cookie. Both very substantial, loaded with either slivered almonds (Bull' Horn) or marzipan(Napoleon's Hat), and partially dipped in dark chocolate. Both of these with a double espresso and you're jammin'...

      2. 3 Square has been on the top of my list of great "grab & go" bakeries in the Westside. The parking can be horrid on Abbot Kinney, but one can usually find parking on the adjacent side streets, or chance a quick red zone stop in front of 3 Square or around the corner on San Juan and hope the meter maids are parked elsewhere sipping Starbucks and talking on their cell phones.

        Been seeing new items there pretty regularly, but my recent tries with big thumbs-up have been the chocolate-apricot tart, the somewhat large but soft lemon-cherry cookie, and madeleines sweetened with honey.

        The offerings can be inconsistant - if you find something you like and expect to get it again the next day, it may not be there. But they do have alot of items that have become standard. The beacon-cheddar pretzel twist, beacon-cheddar scone with scallions and black pepper, various scones, the raspberry "sandwich", the chocolate hazelnut triangle, and the chocolate-covered nougat circles.

        1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd
        Venice, CA 90291