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Feb 23, 2007 05:17 PM

Queen Anne Dinner for 7

I live on the hill and would love a suggestion for a good place to have dinner with a group of girls next Saturday. I would love to be able to walk from my place... but have thought that Crow at the bottom of the hill may be a good option. This group can be kind of loud when we are all together, so I don't want to go a restaurant where we would overwhelm it!

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  1. I think Moxie is a good choice, once it's full it is pretty loud and you'll be fine. Crow might be good, too. Make reservations though as the Seattle Rep has 2 plays that night, there's also an opera AND the T-birds are playing. If you're at the top of the hill, Bricco would be a good choice but you'd have to get there before 5:30 pm or 6 pm for a group of seven to get tables.

    1. Black Bottle is technically a little further down than Queen Anne but it's such a great spot it would be worth the extra few blocks that you'd have to walk. The wine selection is great and the small plates, which are actually super generous, are all interesting and really tasty. If you go don't miss the Indian-style potato dish. Best of all it has a great ambiance and is loud enough that chatty friends fit right in.

      1. I think Crow would be a great idea for this. Definitely make ressies, your experience will be better if the restaurant has time to plan for such a big party.

        1. The room beyond the bar at Ponti Seafood would work well if you could get reservations. On the top of the hill Pasta Bella would have the space but is not very loud, or Chinoise could accommodate you. Crow would definitely work.

          1. Thank you all for your reccomendations! I ended up going with Crow. They could get us in at 6:30, which is a little earlier then desired, but I have two pregnant friends that I think would appreciate the early reservations.

            We will then go to my place for dessert and after dinner drinks... Has anybody tried those ice cream cocktails that were a featured receipe on CHOW the other day??