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Portuguese Food

Hey chowhounders! I'm portuguese and i have been living in boston for the past 3 year for school and have yet to go to a portuguese restaurant here. I have heard there are some good ones in Cambridge, but I was just curious as to which ones people think are the best and most authentic! Thanks in advance!

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  1. NiKo, Come to SE Mass. The New Bedford/Fall River area and you can choose from quite a few Portuguese restaurants. Antonio's in New Bedford is quite popular but if you head to Fall River there is Sagres, good seafood choice and quite good Alentejana, my husband had it just the other night. Sagres also has a lovely caldo verde,not all restaurants feature it. There is also Chaves market in Fall River. I know that parts of Cambridge and Somerville also have a big Portuguese community but I don't know anything about it. Come on south!!

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      thanks gato! i don't have a car here so its kind of hard for me to travel outside of the city! if i can get one of my friends with a car to come with me i will definitely check out that area! thanks so much!

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        I'll be in New Bedford for a show soon. Antonios has been recomended. Is it very good or just so-so. Sagres sounds good too. What are the price points of each? I wil lean to grilled seafood or Alentejana.

      2. And if you take the train into Lowell, several awesome Portuguese restaurants and bakerys. Cavalero's is great - been wanting to try their filet cooked on stone at your table - they one last year's Winter Soup Fest. We just recently tried Friends (also in Lowell), fabulous. Sorry - I don't know Boston portuguese restaurants. There are several others in Lowell that people talk about too.

        1. My favorite is O Cantinho on Cambridge st in Innman sq. Really nice food and the owners are very hospitable. Down the street from O Cantinho is Muqueca, a Brazilian seafood(mostly, but they do serve meat dishes) restaurant. Very nice. Near by is Casa Portugal, but I haven't eaten there. On the same block is the Western Grille which is a BraziIian all you can eat meat place. Somerville, Union sq, there are a bunch of stores, bakeries that are Portuguese and Brazilian. A popular place on Bow st. (Union sq.) is "The Neighborhood Restaurant" serving great Portuguese breakfasts. I always go back to O Cantinho for the squid appetizer and the baccalau. Boa sorte.

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              finally got into Muqueca last night. yum. tho next time we'll order one main and appetizers.

          1. We are big fans of Casa Portugal on Broadway in Cambridge. It's a small place, popular, not too expensive. Nothing fancy, but the atmosphere is very friendly and everything is very well prepared. Always leaves us with a nice feeling.

            1. thanks so much for your help everyone! i'm really looking forward to trying some of these places!!

              1. My favorites are Casa Portugal, which seems a little more refined and European than most, and O Catinho, which is more casual and I believe more Azorean, plus has great pastries.

                You might also want to check out Cape Verdean places in Dorchester like Ka Carlos and Laura's.

                1. NiKoLe: Hop on the commuter rail to Gloucester. Braga's is about a two minute walk from the station. Its relatively new and they are doing things right. The cuisine is straight out of the Azores.

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                      1. Con Sol in the location of the original Atasca (corner or Broadway and Columbia) will soon be a serious contender in the Portuguese food category. Right now they are basically keeping open with a skeleton staff so they can apply for a license to serve beer and wine (they need to be open 90 days for this). The owner cooked our meals for us himself, which took forever so luckily we were not in a hurry. The food is pitched as Iberian, and the menu is about half and half Spanish and Portuguese. We had sopa de ajo (Spanish style with soft bits of bread and an egg - quite tasty but a bit short on salt), cod cakes (pasteis de bacalhau - a standard snack, a deliciously light and crispy rendition), a vegetable paella (tasty, toothsome seasoned rice with generous hunks of eggplant, onions and a mess of asparageese), bacalhau na braz (a bit salty, but perfectly charred and with the proper chewy but not tough texture, ringed in roasted potatos, onions and peppers), and carne de porco alentejanas (which was a lovely cauldron of pork chunks, clams, crispy potato cubes, and an abundance of garlicky sauce). Definitely worth patronizing in the time being (unless you are in a hurry - were were there almost two hours), and I expect business will pick up considerably when the beer and wine come through. From what I gathered, the place is now run by the son and grandson of the former owner of another now defunct restaurant in Union Square (P.A.'s - not the dance club) - Portuguese folks with fairly long-term roots in the Boston area.

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                          So are O Cantinho, Casa Portugal, Muqueca and Atasca the top choices here? Can you all expand on the atmopshere and menu so we can make a better choice for next weekend. Live in the area so will eventually make our way through each but.... where to start?!

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                            I liked all four of these places very much when I've gone. Two other spots to mention would be Portugalia and the Sunset Cafe. Hope it doesn't sound like a cop-out, but I say pick one and dive in -- there's no substitute for a munch.

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                            ah, PA Seafood. Was it as good as I remember? Thanks for the tip - have been wondering about Con Sol.

                          3. I just ate at Ka Carlos for the first time tonight, in Dorchester. It was amazing: grilled octopus and fried yuca for starters, and for entrees, an entire grilled red snapper and some grilled chicken. The grilling is done to perfection -- it was, according to my partner, the best fish he's ever had. Rent a Zipcar to get there! In Cambridge, our favorite is Casa Portugal for a larger meal, and O Cantinho for a more informal night.