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Feb 23, 2007 04:29 PM

Angelina's in Vernon, CT

I have never been to Angelina's in Vernon Connecticut and am interested in comments and experiences good and bad.

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  1. I have been told I spelled the name wrong, it is Angellino's.

    1. I live in Manchester and have been there many times. The food has always been good. the portions are large, and the prices are very reasonable. They serve a very nice bread loaf and with a garlic olive oil for diping. Mostly Italian food. Hope you enjoy!

      1. We just got back from Angelino's. Very nice, dinners of their Penne Angelo and Mediterranean schrimp and scallops. Nice portions and good service. Melot was bad but bartender offered something better, by Opal; nice. Overall a very nice dining experience.

        1. I live in Vernon, and Angellino's is one of the better Italian restaurants in an area that is over-run with pizza places. The portions are large and prices fairly reasonable.

          1. I went there once, about three years ago, and my experience was not like your other replys. Having eaten at the Angellino's in Rocky Hill, I expected the same quality and service. The food was mediocre (chicken parm served luke warm, but huge portion), and I thought the place was not as clean as it should have been. I never went back.