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Feb 23, 2007 04:19 PM

520 Bar & Grill

Urs and I have tried this neighborhood spot three times now. It is located on Old Main Street in downtown Bellevue. We come away with impressions of paying way too much for the ambiance and receiving too little in the way of tasty food. On one of the trips we got a little carried away and the bill before tip got up to $113.00. Last night we tried to keep it down to a 'light' level and we still got hooked for $60 plus tip. They serve a nice Caesar salad, a soup cup (thimble, and a patty melt on cute swirled toast. Their fish and chips, Filet Gorgonzola, pot stickers, and pom frites were below par. Their wine by glass was $15, which I thought was expensive. The server, Tiffany, was a really nice wait person. Has anyone else tried this spot?

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  1. I read about this place in the Seattle Times Eastside section a month or so ago and went to check it out. Had the exact same experience. Good food, great service, nice decor, high prices...too high prices.

    1. I've been 2x. The first was for happy hour, when their apps are $4-ish, I think. We really enjoyed that.

      Second time, we just had drinks on the patio on a Sunday afternoon (during the summer, obviously).

      Overall, I think it's a good addition to Bellevue which needs more options. I like it, but I've never walked away with a $60-100 bill either. Their chicken quesadillas are delish--and I didn't think you could do much to jazz up a chicken quesadilla.