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Feb 23, 2007 04:05 PM

Good lunch spots by NYU


I just got a job at NYU (On Mercer) and I'm looking for some good lunch spots. I like healthy meals--salads, good sandwiches, and sushi. I'd love to hear some suggestions! Thank you.

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  1. Quantum Leap's healthy, cheap and good - the trifecta.

    For sandwiches, you could try S'nice.

    1. 1) Dosa Cart in the Park is very good and healthy.
      2) Abbondanza on Bleecker has good Italian sandwiches (best toasted) and they also have build your own salads.

      1. Think Coffee (mercer + 4th) has good salads, soups, and sandwiches.

        Little Atlas (4th between mercer and b'way) has lots of good "healthy" food as well.

        I second the s'nice thing too.

        red bamboo and vegetarian's paradise on 4th street near 6th ave are both amazing vegetarian places, the former being full of mock meat, the latter, chinese food.

        And of course, there's dojo at 4th and mercer.

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          If you're into veg stuff, Sacred Chow is a good option too.

        2. Mamoun's for dirt cheap falafel (and good) falafel. It is on Macdougal st.

          There is also a good falafel place next to the Angelika on Mercer.

          India Bread Company is really, really good and it's on Bleeker east of 6th Avenue.

          There is a very, very inexpensive and decent sushi place at E. 3rd st. just west of 3rd Avenue.

          For the best lentil soup, try the turkish falafel place on Waverly@ Mercer.

          There is a very unique Korean restaurant (for the neighborhood) on Mercer @ Waverly (may be on Greene).

          There is also a good sandwich place on E. 4th st. @ Mercer. It's chicken curry salad sandwich on a baguette is excellent.

          I hope this is a good start.

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            The Korean place is WaWa Canteen, 289 Mercer St. The kimchee rice is good, though no panchan (small appetizers) makes the meal feel like less of a bargain.

            Past posts, 2 years apart, have offered 180 degree divergent views:



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              Do you remember what's the name of that sushi place on E. 3rd st?

            2. try 'ino on bedford bet. houston and downing. GREAT FOOD AND A CHOWHOUND FAVORITE.
              you'll love working in that area. i miss being on that campus.