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Good lunch spots by NYU


I just got a job at NYU (On Mercer) and I'm looking for some good lunch spots. I like healthy meals--salads, good sandwiches, and sushi. I'd love to hear some suggestions! Thank you.

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  1. Quantum Leap's healthy, cheap and good - the trifecta.

    For sandwiches, you could try S'nice.

    1. 1) Dosa Cart in the Park is very good and healthy.
      2) Abbondanza on Bleecker has good Italian sandwiches (best toasted) and they also have build your own salads.

      1. Think Coffee (mercer + 4th) has good salads, soups, and sandwiches.

        Little Atlas (4th between mercer and b'way) has lots of good "healthy" food as well.

        I second the s'nice thing too.

        red bamboo and vegetarian's paradise on 4th street near 6th ave are both amazing vegetarian places, the former being full of mock meat, the latter, chinese food.

        And of course, there's dojo at 4th and mercer.

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          If you're into veg stuff, Sacred Chow is a good option too.

        2. Mamoun's for dirt cheap falafel (and good) falafel. It is on Macdougal st.

          There is also a good falafel place next to the Angelika on Mercer.

          India Bread Company is really, really good and it's on Bleeker east of 6th Avenue.

          There is a very, very inexpensive and decent sushi place at E. 3rd st. just west of 3rd Avenue.

          For the best lentil soup, try the turkish falafel place on Waverly@ Mercer.

          There is a very unique Korean restaurant (for the neighborhood) on Mercer @ Waverly (may be on Greene).

          There is also a good sandwich place on E. 4th st. @ Mercer. It's chicken curry salad sandwich on a baguette is excellent.

          I hope this is a good start.

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            The Korean place is WaWa Canteen, 289 Mercer St. The kimchee rice is good, though no panchan (small appetizers) makes the meal feel like less of a bargain.

            Past posts, 2 years apart, have offered 180 degree divergent views:



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              Do you remember what's the name of that sushi place on E. 3rd st?

            2. try 'ino on bedford bet. houston and downing. GREAT FOOD AND A CHOWHOUND FAVORITE. http://menupages.com/restaurantdetail...
              you'll love working in that area. i miss being on that campus.

              1. so many good suggestions! I can't believe I've been here a year and still have yet to try many of them.

                Temple in the Village on West 4th/LaGuardia is run by really nice people and has a good vegetarian Korean buffet - this can get up to $9 (for a big pile of nice, fresh healthy food)
                Boyd Thai on Thompson near W4 has a good cheap lunch special; $6
                Choga on Bleecker and LaG for sit-down Korean; $8-10
                Saigon Grill is a pretty quick walk once you've been there long enough to take an hour lunch (12th/ University). Service is fast at the bar. ($7-10)
                Bings at Roll and Dough, W4th (or is it 3rd?) and 6th ave ($2 each)
                for chain food, Chipotle on 8th St. and sometimes the soups at Au B.P. are okay
                in the other directon on 8th, where all the shoe stores are across Univ. Place, Pio Maya has good tacos ($5-6)
                Wash Sq. dosa man is good but if you have ever had serious dosas (a la dosa diner in Jackson heights) you may find his wanting. nice for sitting in the park though, and the dosa man himself is also nice.

                avoid: the sushi place on w4th near Temple in the Village, Go Sushi, Noodle Bar on Carmine, the chicken cart on West 4th in front of Stern (though they say the one in front of the old Tower bldg is good), the Indian buffet on Bleecker (bland)

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                  Roll 'n Dough is on 3rd east of 6th.

                2. Wichcraft on 8th between mercer and broadway has great sandwiches. if you walk over to astor place I really like karen's on astor for healthy sadnwiches and soups (great veggie chili)

                  1. Wow,these are great suggestions. Thanks so much everyone!

                    1. One more if you're still checking this thread: Fuji Sushi on Sullivan has usually-decent, well-priced vegetarian rolls. (I'm not a huge fan of their rolls with fish.) The crepe stand on W. 3rd between Sullivan and Thompson, I think, is inexpensive and passably healthy, depending on what you get inside yours. There's a little market called Le Basket or something like that with pretty good sandwiches, a hot buffet by the pound, smoothies, and that sort of thing. Kati Roll and the Israeli hummous place right next to it on MacDougal are worth a try. (Actually, just stroll down Bleeker 'till you hit MacDougal, and walk north until you hit W. 3rd. You're bound to see something that fits the bill.) And finally, you're also pretty close to Trader Joe's up at Union Square, which has a lot of prepared foods.

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                        There's also the buffet at Whole Foods.

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                          Was going to recommend this myself. AHAHA

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                          I'm pretty sure that Fuji Sushi has closed up shop.

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                            Oh no, how sad! I loooved the folks who ran that place. Hopefully they'll relocate to where I work now.

                        3. No need to leave campus. NYU is home to the only Chick-Fil-A in the city.

                          1. Wow, these are great suggestions. Thank you so much. Keep them coming!

                            1. pio maya on 8th street and mcdougal.
                              galanga on w4 and 6th ave.
                              and the takeout lunch at gobo is a great bargain.

                              1. I'm still a fan of Dojo's after all these years. Their veggie burger with a house salad is what comes to mind just hearing the word "veggie burger." I've said this before, but the house salad at Dojo's is so inexplicably good I could literally lick the plate when I'm done.

                                1. --Try out the Kati Roll company on Macdougal (between 3rd and Bleeker) for great little Indian chicken rolls. They are addictive!
                                  --Press Toast on MacDougal (between 3rd and Bleeker) has good Israeli-style pressed sandwiches. They have interesting ingredient combinations (ie: swiss cheese, sliced egg, zatar) (chicken, avocado, ranch)
                                  --Murray's Cheese is a little bit of a hike, but they have amazing hot sandwiches (the mozarella and sundried tomato sandwich is great).
                                  --Dojo's "hijiki tofu sandwich" is fabulous and ridiculously cheap. It is a tofu burger that is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with a great sauce and side salad
                                  --Karen's on Astor has a good peanut butter, jam and sliced banana sandwich on hearty vegan bread. The curry chicken salad is also tasty
                                  --Wichcraft is off of Broadway. Try the flank steak sandwich with grilled onions!
                                  --Abbodanza's makes great salads and hearty sandwiches. Plus, the guys who work there are really nice and funny.
                                  Hope that helps!

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                                    Ah yes, the veggie burger I'm thinking of is the Dojo's hijiki tofu sandwich. So good, and so cheap.

                                  2. I used to work at NYU for two years, so here's my suggestions:
                                    Jamaican Flavors on Sullivan for awesome patties and jerk chicken sandwiches
                                    Le Basket also has the most amazing cheap breakfast ever. Like $3 for a cheese omelet, toast and home fries!
                                    Is Emerald Planet on Great Jones still there? They have amazing wraps.
                                    Rather unbelievably, the Spanish American food place on 13th and 1st delivers to NYU. It's so good!
                                    Don Giovanni on LaGuardia has really good chicken parm that's baked, not fried.
                                    Lastly, the Dojo on W. 4th and Mercer actually makes a great Chicken Cutlet sandwich for lunch.

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                                      Thanks everyone. If you think of any more, feel free to send them along. I went to the Korean place on Mercer and Quantum Leap so far. They were both very good. It seems like there are still a lot more places to try!

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                                        if you're feeling unhealthy, sparky's at lafayette and bleecker is good for hot dogs, fries and such, and bite, next door, has nice sandwiches (the hummus sandwich is way more delicious than anything that basic has a right to be).

                                    2. Acme is also terrific dive for southern flavors and pulled-pork

                                      9 Great Jones St, New York, NY 10012