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Feb 23, 2007 03:48 PM


I've never been, and have heard mixed reviews...

I just heard they have breakfast now?

Any input is appreciated! Happy Weekend!

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  1. I like it the food, a lot. I had delicious pork stew once and always yummy vegetables. But the menu is confusing and they tend to run out of a lot of specials early on busy nights. Sometimes they are too heavy handed with the salt. I have also had less than attentive service there and the last time one of the waitresses was surly.

    I have never been for lunch or breakfast.

    1. I know you asked about breakfast, but I think the sub sandwiches they serve at their breakfast/lunch service are outstanding -- Philly cheesesteak (wit' Wiz), meatball or sausage sub. I can't go there at breakfast time and not get one of those subs, but my wife usually gets a more breakfast-y dish and is always happy. A big plus for the Portland weekend breakfast scene is that we've never had to wait.

      The one thing they do there that we're not fond of is potato dishes -- they have a terrine on the dinner menu made from layered potato and prosciutto, and they have done a similar treatment for their breakfast potatoes. It's just sort of dense and bland.

      1. People seem to either love it or hate it. I really like it, but it took me a while to warm up to it. I can see that there are things that people might not like: they charge for bread (and olive oil), the service is pretty laid back, and the menu can be hard to understand. But I've had things there that I really like--usually the more spanish-influenced dishes. It's also fun to get a lot of small plates or to go with a group and share a bunch of things. My husband really likes the wine list, which has a lot of options by the glass, and has wines that you don't see in other restaurants.

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          I'm somewhere between. There are things I hate about it, like the service, but the prices are very good, and some dishes are excellent. Though there are often dishes that are either very underwhelming or just bad. If this place had adequate service (and I'm pretty easy on service compared to many) and more consistent food, I'd go here often. As it is, though, I only go a few times a year and usually am disappointed.

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            When was the last time you were there? Service seems to have improved!

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              I don't know. Service has improved since when? I've been going there for a few years now on occasion. It's always been inconsistent at best. Last time was last fall, I think. Waitress totally forgot about me. I left without ordering after 15 minutes of trying to find her and get her attention.

        2. For informal platters of great food and red it!

          1. thank you all! we went this weekend, and had and Amazing Breakfast!

            no wait, great coffee, and all menu choices look great! (jeffpdx, those subs look great, but you really should try the breakfasts!) 8)

            our very helpful and friendly server... we had questions about the olive oil they have, and she brought some over for us to taste, and texted the owner at home to help answer questions. (the owner called right back also!) above and beyond, we certainly did not expect her to call the owner, but he is clearly dedicated!

            we both loved our breakfast, we will be returning soon!

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              IMO, there's one reason to go to Navarre (although there are probably others): Chef Taboada's Portuguese pork loin, slowly braised with some tomato-based sauce and anchovies (yes, anchovies). One slice is all you need to go to heaven. I ate it there a few years ago, and hope he still does it, because I'm going back for my fix. Menu can be uneven, but my dinner at Navarre for six family members is one we still talk about. (Maybe the three bottles of damn tasty, expensive wine had something to do with it). Still, I remember the food and especially the pork.