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Feb 23, 2007 03:09 PM

Little Italy Restaurant?

Haven't been downtown in a long while. Any suggestions for something non-touristy?

TIA . . . Kaz

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  1. Hmmmm. I've found the neighborhood itself to be quite touristy. Are you open to other neighborhoods?


    1. A non touristy location in Little Italy is pretty hard to come by. You are better off just going for Italian in another neighborhood. Thats where the good places are anyway!

      1. Little Italy, agreed, is one of the most touristy places...I personally have never had a bad meal at Da Nico's though...Also like IL Cortile...More fun at night...

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          We've actually liked Da Nico over the years as well, especially in warm weather when the back outdoors is open. However, we tend not to recommend it because they can smell a tourist and absolutely take advantage. Even with us, we wound up getting hit on a $45 entree "special" from the blackboard by not asking the price first (in case anyone's wondering... no, it wasnt that special or even really better than their $20 entrees... we just got taken). But, if going, the authentic zeppole like homemade bread should be asked for (I cant remember it's real name), salads should be shared and wine vintages and labels should be scrutinized when brought to the table. In case I have been overly negative, the food has always been quite good. And that's what it's about.

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            I must try Da Nico's. Il Cortile is good but pricey. Sal Anthony's is pretty consistent. La Mela is on the outer edge of Little Italy, not great ambience but really good food. Their bread is terrible. Most of the Italian food in Little Italy leaves alot to be desired. All the hawkers trying to get the tourists into their restaurants. I eat at those few places or leave the area. I usually head to the EV for Italian, there's a place Sal Anthony's owns and it is good, consistent and reasonable old fashioned Italian food.

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              one of the most memorably bad meals i've had was at la mela. truly, truly awful. i don't remember the bread, but i remember a procession of horrible dishes: stuffed mushroom caps soaked with rancid grease, gummy gnocci in some kind of unidentifiable oily sauce, and a fish course of mushy shrimp that hadn't been fresh for some time. to add insult to injury, this feast was consumed while we sat on plastic chairs.

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                You find Lanza's consistently good? I had a meal there several months ago, and it was pretty bad. I can't even remember quite what was bad about it - I think the food was overcooked and the sauce just wasn't interesting. Do you think I just went on a freak off day?

            2. Wow, that sounds really unpleasant. I'll stick to places that actually respect the diner and aren't trying to con anyone. Thanks for your write up though.

              1. emilio's ballato is a good bet. it's just outside of little italy, on mott and houston, but it's much better than what you'd get in the neighborhood. the pork chop with vinegared peppers is a thing of beauty.