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Feb 23, 2007 03:01 PM

Vegetarian in NYC

My sister is visitng and she is a vegetarian. I want to take her to a very special meal. Looking for any suggestion in Manhattan.

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    1. re: Gruvinaus

      As I've said before on this board, just one word to describe the food we had at Zen Palate the one time we tried it: horrible!

      1. re: Gruvinaus

        The now closed UWS Zen Palate was quite good, but my vegetarian fiancee and I have been much less impressed by the Midtown and Union Sq. locations. I would say avoid Zen Palate as there are other, much better purely vegetarian restaurants. Counter, Heirloom, Hangawi come to mind.

        1. re: fascfoo

          Although my husband and I are not vegetarians, I sometimes enjoy ordering vegetarian dishes in restaurants that are not strictly vegetarian. For example, Devi has some of the most delicious vegetarian Indian dishes on the planet. And I include vegetarian dishes in my cooking repetoire at home.

          We ate at the Zen Palate in midtown. It was quite a few years ago. We are always interested in trying new restaurants and different cuisines. I had read positive reviews of Z.P., so I was just floored by how bad the food was. And that had nothing to do with it being a vegetarian restaurant because, as I said, vegetarian food can be delicious.

      2. gwags, use the search function on CH for this....many such queries, and the question has been answered often. For my part, I've found Zen Palate to be bland and uninspired, but then, I'm not a vegetarian. I prefer Blossom, on 9th and 21st.

        1. Pure on Irving is the best!
          also, Caravan of Dreams on e. 6th street, Angelica's on e.12th street and counter on 1st ave all good

          1. candles 79 and candles cafe are actually quite excellent in the UES...or kate's joint in the east village for vege grub.

            1. thanks for all the suggestions, I can now be sure of a good spot.

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              1. re: gwags

                Zen Palate - bleeeeccch!

                Honestly, I've been to almost all the high class places (I've recently been on a personal "mission" to try every good place that's veggie) - and there are two that stand out as terrific:

                Blossom, and Pure Food and Wine (actually, I'd be careful about PF&W . What I had - the lasagne and tort - were terrific, but I've seen bad reviews about other meals, and the amounts *are* rather small.) But Blossom is FAB. Especially the desserts such as the dark chocolate ganache, and the apple sticks.

                For really good and classy (but one notch below Blossom in atmosphere), try Vegetarian's Paradise (and the banana split dessert.)

                Kate's is fun and great - but nothing for atmostphere (except for me, because I *like* ripped seats...!)

                1. re: gaijingirl

                  I agree with your view of Pure Food. We went once and both my husband I had the lasagna, which we both agreed was seriously delicious. The portion size was quite adequate. I began with a green salad that was o.k. I don't remember what he had to start, but he was not bowled over. Desserts were awful. Very expensive!!

                  While the interior is nice, a giant plus during warm weather months is their back garden, one of the loveliest and most comfortable in the city.