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Feb 23, 2007 02:05 PM


Any standouts in Greektown? I'm headed there tonight and my experience has been just mediocre at every place I've tried.

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  1. We have also dined at various Greektown restaurants and had never been wowed by any of them. That was until yesterday.... decided to give Santorini a 2nd try and was glad we did!! Had the grilled kalamari and saganaki appetizers. The grilled kalamari was excellent... saganaki was well, saganaki!! We then split the combination plate and everything was definitely top-notch. I had wanted to try one of their seafood dishes, but we we're so full, it'll have to wait until next time. If you're making reservations for tonight, request a table near the fireplace. Enjoy!

      1. Parthenon has excellent baby lamb chops. It's pricey but consistently medium well done...they say medium but I'd say it's closer to medium well but still delicious to me. $20 for the entree though last time I went so I'll be seeking to get my fix elswhere or try to make them at home. The roast loin of lamb is good as well tender and closer to $15.

        1. Cannot go wrong with Costa's!

          340 S. Halsted...there's also a suburban outpost in Oakbrood Terrace: 1 S. 130 Summit Ave., just off of Roosevelt Rd.