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Muir Glen canned roasted tomatoes?

Has anybody used this product (whole or crushed)? I saw Rick Bayless use this on his show (Mexico, One Plate at a Time) and was very curious to know if it is indeed much better for salsas or anything else. Also does anybody happen to know if it's available at Whole Paycheck? I see that it's available at netgrocer online, but I don't really want to pay for postage (of course, compared to WP, it might be cheaper...) Interestingly, it is not available from mexgrocer. TIA.


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  1. Yes, they are excellent! Very rich flavor and obviously actually roasted. I've bought them at several stores including Whole Foods.

    1. My husband used that kind in one of Bayless' recipes and was very pleased with the results. I've used other Muir Glen canned tomato products and have been equally pleased. In addition to WF, I have seen them at large supermarkets in my area, such as Giant and Superfresh. Have not noticed much difference in price though.

        1. Great! And you can get them at trader joes! :)


          1. We use TONS of the fire-roasted tomatoes. They make a great shortcut for roasted-vegetable salsa (I'll post a link to the one I have from Rick Bayless if I can find it).

            I horde them during cold months because they are a staple for me when making soup.

            Right now (at the Whole Foods in Louisville, anyway) the 14.5-oz cans are on sale 3 for $4.00. The 28-oz cans are usually $1.99 (but, at times, are on sale for $1.69). Worth the price, I think.

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            1. They are the only canned tomato's I ever use these days. They always seem to have the best flavour compared to any other brands I've tried in the past.

              1. Yes, I have found them to be consistently good. They have a deep flavor but are tangy and bright whereas Italian tomatoes can be too sweet for certain preps. I have used the roasted ones in quick salsas and they taste great.

                1. I can see them being good for salsa, but the one time I had them I made Italian sauce and they were terrible for that.

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                    I made a pasta sauce with them once as well and thought that is was just off. The fire roasted taste seemed missplaced. But I bet they would be great in a salsa.

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                      I think they make great sauce even if not traditional, depending on the sauce. Like arrabbiata. And yes, great in salsas both raw and cooked (Mexican cooks scorch tomatoes for a cooked salsa, this saves a step).

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                      Right, I would generally don't use the fire-roasted for an Italian sauce; I prefer Italian brands for that. They do have non-roasted tomatoes though. I particularly like MG tomatoes for chili.

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                        Muir Glen has other canned tomato options that are not fire roasted that are pretty good and a better choice for sauces that don't benefit from the fire roasting.

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                          I've don't believe I've ever seen a can of Muir Glen tomatoes that were paste tomatoes for sauces. Muir Glen does have a line of pasta sauces however. There are about 10 varieties.

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                            I was speaking of tomatoes that are not fire roasted and are more suitable for pasta sauces. It may also be a regional thing.

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                              You are so right ... Muir Glen does produce canned Roma tomatoes (which are paste tomatoes) and they are not fire-roasted.

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                              I am looking at a 28 oz. can of Muir Glen organic whole peeled plum tomatoes from my pantry. I have used them in the past to make CI's bolognese and they were amazing.

                              Ingredients: Organically grown and processed plum tomatoes and juice, sea salt, naturally derived citric acid and calcium chloride.

                          2. Excellent product. Is an important part of many of my soups.

                            1. I use them alot in my soups ..not for Italian sauce.

                              1. Just last night I made one of my default pasta sauces, using a can of these. Insanely simple:
                                sautee about 3 big cloves of sliced garlic in some olive oil for a minute or 2, add the can of tomatoes, salt & crushed red pepper. simmer & reduce while you cook some pasta. when the pasta's almost done, add a ladle-full of the pasta water to the sauce, break up any whole tomato pieces, add some fresh chopped basil or parsley, drain the pasta & toss everything together along with a knob of soft goat cheeese. I love these flavors together (though, yes, I know, they're not traditionally Italian).

                                1. You can usually get Muir Glen canned tomatoes in a flat of 8 or 16 or something (can't recall exact number) at COSTCO.

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                                    I would be exstatic if I could find Muir Glen at Costco! I am on the East coast and they are never an option at my local branch....

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                                      I often find them at The Dollar Store. Weird, I know, but substantially cheaper than Whole Foods!

                                  2. Yes, I've used them in certain sauces, and haven't liked the flavor. Glad to hear others had the same results. I will try in a salsa, however. I use Muir Glen products mostly. Thx.

                                    1. Well just my opinion and I'm not trying to say they're the greatest thing ever but imo the Muir Glen canned tomatos that I've used have all been pretty good.

                                      1. I use the fire roasted diced tomatoes along with some additions for steamed mussles. This works great.

                                        1. I like Muir Glen products, including the fire roasted tomatoes. My two favorite "canned" tomatoes are Muir Glen and Pomi. I'd be surprised if you could find these at a mexican grocery store.

                                          1. If you write, email, or call them to ask about trying their product, or tell them you like it, they'll send you a cupon. So will a lot of companies, frankly.

                                            1. Applehome, I know you from the Boston board. I love these tomatoes. You can get them at Hanneford at Drum Hill. They are in the organic section near the deli.

                                              1. I like them and find them readily available in my local grocery stores. It mainstreeam groceries look in the "organic" section

                                                1. My favorite tomatoes, absolutely.

                                                  1. I have yet to find a dish where they didn't work, even Marcella's, tomato butter sauce!. I used them this weekend in Moussaka. It was a great addition and I think the roasted flavor played well with the cinnamon.

                                                    1. This Brand of Tomatoes ROCKS! It comes in many varieties, with many spices and different consistencies! I also REALLY LOVE their tomato paste: I eat it with a spoon right out of the can: YUM! Plus I have heard that tomatoes in a car are much healthier for you because they have concentrated vitamins as appose to regular tomatoes just sitting in the produce section of your grocery store. I have seen these canned tomatoes is every one of my grocery stores so I do not think you have to worry about ordering them on line! Look in your natural food section in your grocery story pronto and get to cooking!!!