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Feb 23, 2007 01:39 PM

I love taro..

Taro ice cream (found in asian markets, like Mitsuwa)
Taro popsicle bars (always found at 99 Ranch)
Taro-filled dim sum (mmm..the big & robust one mixed with peanuts, and crispy fried on the outside - I like the ones at the Arcadia Full House)
Taro-layered cakes (Taro in the flour, or in between the fine, thin, fried pieces..if you know what sort of asian-bakery-cake I'm referring to)
Taro chips
I'm not too hot on the taro and coconut desserts at dim sum, though...coconut's too overpowering.

Here's more info on the veggie:

I find it creamy and sweet, yet malleable enough to be savory (as in dim sum). It can be eaten whole, mixed in with other ingredients, or fried by itself. Any way it's eaten, it's delicious. Plus, it's a soft purple/lavender, giving your dessert, snack, or main dish a splash of unexpected color.

What other taro finds do you know of?

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  1. Taro pudding (most HK style seafood restaurants, e.g. 888, Ocean Star, etc. and at Phoenix Bakery)

    Stewed taro with braised pork knuckle -- savory and sweet. (Lake Spring in Monterey Park)

    Baked taro (at home)

    Taro filled boas (Seafood City used to have them on the menu, but no more. Diamond Bakery has them IIRC).

    1. Some Thai restaurants have an amazing taro pudding dessert -- I thought it would be heavy but it's not, it's perfectly light and airy -- I've only had it at Lotus of Siam in Vegas but I'm sure Ban Khanom and other places here would have it.
      Of course there's all the taro boba drinks...
      Have you been to the Filipino bakery/coffee shop in the Eagle Rock mall? I think all those intensely purple desserts are made with taro, right?

      1. Taro ice cream at Fosselman's. More intensely flavored than most Asian varieties.

        1. I LOVE the taro desserts in Phoenix Food Boutique (The LAT just did a profile on them too! YAY!!! :) and at BTK in Thai Town (Which was recently featured on Anthony Bourdain's show! DOUBLE YAY!!!). Perhaps one of my FAVORITE desserts EVER are their tarro, coconut and corn pancakes. :)


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            Where in Phoenix is this food boutique? Could it be listed under a different name?

            1. re: AZ DESERT GAL

              Phoenix Bakery/Food Boutique is a chain of LA based Chinese restaurants/bakeries. The name refers to the bird, not Phoenix, Arizona.

          2. The asian bakeries usually make loaves of Taro bread that my wife loves. They're not very large and run about $4, so they're pricey, but good. Lumps of Taro baked inside a fluffy white bread, a hint of sweetness, it's just yummy!