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Feb 23, 2007 01:21 PM

Interesting Smoothie Ideas?

I usually whip up smoothies after coming home from a workout and am looking for some interesting combinations.

Some of the winners in my arsenal

Rasberry Peanut Cup

Vanilla Yogurt, Vanilla Whey powder, frozen raspberries, a tablespoon of nut butter, a squirt of chocolate syrup and fat free milk or water


Van yogurt, van whey, frozen blueberries, a slice of ginger, lime juice or limeade and water

Blueberry pineapple

van yogurt, van whey, fr blueberries, fr pineapple chunks, fresh ground cinnamon and water

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  1. bananas, dates, cashews milk, sugar or maple syrup.

    1. Fresh mint, watermelon and almond extract

      Pomegranate seeds and carrots

      Frozen vanilla yogurt, pumpkin butter and pecans

      Bananas, peach yogurt and honey

      Raspberry sorbet, skim milk and tangerine slices

      Cucumber, mint sprigs and green tea

      Right now my favorite breakfast smoothie is vanilla yogurt, applesauce and a banana

      1. The trick to great smoothies is frozen banana chunks. They make everything thick and creamy but don't always add a pronounced flavour.

        Some good combos:

        Lite coconut milk, frozen bananas, strawberries and orange juice concentrate
        Avocado, frozen banana, lime juice and zest, skim milk, honey
        Canned or frozen cherries, frozen banana, almond milk (choc syrup optional)

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        1. re: piccola

          another sweet creamy smoothie secret is frozen mango chunks! if you've had mango sorbet, you know mango's silkiness. my family loves vanilla yogurt (brown cow lowfat vanilla has none of the gooeyness of stonyfield and the others, just rich and vanilla-y) with frozen banana, mango, sometimes strawberries and a little orange juice (or not if we don't have it).

          1. re: lodgegirl

            Big fan of frozen mango (I sometimes eat it straight from the freezer). But it has a really distinctive flavour, so it doesn't go with everything the way banana does.

        2. There was a thread just recently on this, but if you're making them post-workout, the RTD Met-Rx cans of high protein low carb shakes are incredibly thick, offer 20g of protein for 100 calories, and make a great "base" for anything else you want to add. I've found these are great for giving a shake that's thicky and creamy. I like cinnamon and vanilla in mine personally...
          For good fats, add almonds, or if you don't mind the taste a tablespoon of flax seed oil or powder is a good enhancer nutritionally speaking.
          One of my older favorites was a vanilla base w/ pumpkin puree mixed in and the requisite pumpkin pie spice. Some might consider adding a couple of graham crackers for the full pie experience.

          1. Trust me, this one's great.

            avocado, lots of honey, vanilla or plain yogurt,soy, almond or skim milk, banana.

            Avocado is often sweet in south american countries. I've tried this, and it's increadible, and provides a lot of healthy fats and oils post workout.

            The banana provides potassium, which can help with soreness and muscle repair.

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            1. re: Diana

              I agree that sweetened avocado can be delicious -- I prefer mine with a little orange juice mixed in.

              My eternal favorite smoothie ever is fresh strawberries and banana blended into OJ.