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Where are the best dining deals in San Diego?

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I'm looking for the best cheap eats and the best locals spots where they might have good sales in the middle of the week.

I hate to say it but I love $1 Fish Tacos at Rubios on Tuesday night!! 3 of those and a bottle of beer is good cheap eats,

Any deals like that you can think of??

Also, higher class restaurants that have good sales in the mid week.

For instance, Molly's has a thing called the Molly's Card. It gives you 20% off Sunday - Thursday, IF you are a local!!

So, best deals and best cheap eats are the recommendations I am looking for?

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  1. If you do a search on this board, you'll find that El Zarape has pretty good $1 fish tacos (beer battered) every day of the week.

    There have been some recent posts about the Entertainment book and some other coupons:

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      I'll check El Zarape out. Not too far off my beaten path.

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        This doesn't beat the $1 taco deal but the calamari burrito at El Zarape is really quite delightful and a good value too!

        Don't get me wrong, I love their fish tacos but when I wanna change it up a bit, the calamari burrito is dependable.

    2. We love Apertivo in North Park. Italian tapas - meaning, portions big enough to share, but at great prices. Nothing on the menu is over $8. A decent by the glass wine list (small, but well chosen) with very fair pricing and a liberal corkage policy ($15) just add to the value.

      Don't let the price fool you though-- quality is top notch. In addition to the menu, Ken (owner and chef) always has some additional specials which are usually what he feels like cooking and eating. If Osso Bucco's offered, don't think twice, order one just for yourself. Also love the pasta fazul and the eggplant parmigiano.

      Only demerit I'd give is the noise level can be deafening. That, and North Park is becoming so trendy that parking is a challenge.

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        Yeah, Apertivo is one of our regular haunts now.
        You can't beat the price. We like to bring our own wines when we dine and they have a very friendly corkage policy, which I much appreciate.

        The people that work there are cool, so is Ken. It's remarkable watching this area become better and better. Man, I used to be afraid to even get out of my car around here, those days are over and it is only going to get better and better.

      2. I live in downtown and one place I go to for good cheap eats is Jimmy Carter's Cafe on Fifth (Bankers Hill). It's a homely looking place with rather sketchy people walking around at night but the food is comforting and affordable. For $12.95, you can get a steak dinner (various steaks with sauces like shitake mushroom cream, gorgonzola, spicy sauce, etc.) and it includes a salad or soup (chicken tortilla, clam chowder, lentil and others) and a choice of sides (rice pilaf, pasta, baked or roast potato). They also have various specials that change regularly. I have also been there for breakfast and it was equally good. The menu might scare you at first since it includes down home American as well as Indian and Asian but give it a try and you might be surprised. I have yet to try the ethnic dishes so if anyone has tried them, please post and let us know your thoughts.

        1. Monday nights at the Liars Club has steak night. 3/4 lb flat iron, with all the fixings for about 12 bucks. Way better than the steak up the street and half the price.

          1. When you say Dining Deals, you don't mean fast foods or cheap eats at a neighiborhood joint.
            If you really want to Dine and have some of the best food served in SD area, then you will have to try Cavaillon off Carmel Valley Fwy and Camino Del Sur in Santa Luz
            The Monday Prix Fixe Menu - $32 has to be the one of the best meals you could possible have anywhere at any price, and I have tried most of the 'others'/
            Last Monday, I choose the Shrimp Risotto, Lobster Emulsion, Saffron, English Peas.
            It was the very finest tasting Appetizer, that I have ever had at any time. Marvelous and worth the trip alone. The other two choices were French Onion Soup with Cubes of Beef Short Ribs, Truffle oil, or Spring MIx Salad, Gorgonzola Crostini, Anjou Pear, Pepper Honey.
            Main Course choices were Roasted Salmon, Creamy Spinach, Shallots, White Wine, Veal Stock Reduction. Roasted Chicken Breast, Creamy Potatoes, Glazed Carrots. Shitake Mushroom Risotto, Green Asparagus, Aged Parmesan. I choose the Salmon and savored every bit.
            Dessert was just as outstanding. Another tasty treat was the Confit Tangerine, Dark Chocolate, Ganache, Madeline. Other choices were Cheese Cake Mouse, Pineapple and Golden Raisin Marmalade. Or Profiterole, pistachio Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate Sauce.

            Since I have been more blown away with the excellent preparation and fine presentation without being stuffy or ostentaceous in four visits, I have made it a weekly treat on my rotation. Each week has surprises, that I have never tried or eaten before, without any disappointments. I appreciate Chef Philippe's efforts and have no hesitation in supporting his efforts. I think you will find the same.
            Buon Appetite!

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              I like all options. That does sound like a great deal at Cavaillon. I'll have to give it a shot someday.

              But, I do like good value cheap eats too. Sometimes it's nice to have a good $1 fish taco. Something that I learned from a great Chef, friend of mine, there are some really good eats for not much money at places you would think are beneath you. He has had two restaurants of his own in La Jolla, another out of town and has also been the head chef at one fairly famous San Diego restaurant that was not his own and has been a corporate chef for many restaurants across the state. He will drag me to funky little dives just to try one thing that they serve. They have always been an eye opener and a good deal.

              So, yeah, I love those kinds of things and am really happy whenever I find them.

              It's the same as finding that great bottle of $25 wine that shows better than everyone elses $100+ Napa Cab!! I love it when that happens. Deals are great.