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dainties cupcakes

I recommended dainties cupcakes for a birthday here at our office and they were a HUGE hit. we ordered banana, rasberry, cherry,espresso,mocha, chocolate, vanilla!

the whip cream is so fresh and delicious. its basically chocolate cake w/flavored whip cream. $3 a pop. packaged really nicely.


in wla
p.s. I hadn't even tried them until today!

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  1. I tried the Nutella one yesterday. I thought the cake could be better and there wasn't enough cream inside the cake to tout the "cream-filled" as much as they seem to. I did think it was excellent though. I enjoyed the combination of the rich ganache and the "light" cream on top. Strange location behind Winchells on Santa Monica but it good, cute boxes, and friendly owners. They look beautiful and all the flavors looked good.

    1. Based on recommendations here, we ordered a variety (vanilla, raspberry, mint, tiramisu) for a baby shower yesterday. They were a HUGE hit! The owner was very friendly and helpful, and the flavors were delicate and authentic. I much prefer these to the over hyped Sprinkles.

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          It's in the strip mall on the corner of Sepulveda and Santa Monica (near Zankou, Koo Koo Roo, etc). It's actually *behind* the Winchells. I think they had one or two parking spots right in front of the store. Drive down the street next to Winchells and it's right there.

        2. Like alot of bakeries, they're closed Mondays - found out myself last week... :(

          1. Update on Dainties - they're going to try to be open on mondays as well - no set date but Bill says hopefully real soon. WOOHOOOOO!

            Was there this past tuesday and picked up the vanilla, raspberry, caramel, coconut, chocolate, and stupid chocolate. I'd rate each as Wow, WoW, WoW, woW, WoW, and WOWWOW! The attention to detail is one of the first things I always look for in baked goods, and they definitely have considered every angle. From the compounding of chocolate flavors and textures on the basic cupcakes, the little pop of whipped cream into the top of the cake, to the effort they put into creating the flavors for the each frosting and accompanying garnish, as well as the packaging that was specifically created for ensuring safe passage of these little gems. They even have these great little hexagonal boxes for individual cupcake orders. This has to take a huge bite into their profit margin, but I think they are much more concerned at ensuring the integrity of their product as well as your eating experience.

            The price, 3 bucks per, may seam a little steep for some, but I find their relatively unique spin on the once-humble cupcake to be well thought out, attractive, and very satisfying. IMHO, my only suggestion would be to occasionally offer different cake flavors that would go well with some of the amazing frostings that they already have.

            Another really nice point to mention about Dainties is how truly nice the service is. Bill and his wife (sorry, I'm ashamed that I can't remember her name) are just really nice folks who want to offer really enjoyable treats to their customers. I insisted on leaving a tip but they kept waving me off, saying, "all we want is for you to keep coming back if you like our cupcakes." Okay folks, that's a deal I can easily keep!

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              The individual cupcake boxes were great. Especially the cupcake "holder" inside to keep the cupcake upright and intacted. Those probably cost more than the cupcakes. Very nice if you want to give a cupcake as a gift. I'll definitely go back- probably every time I go to Zankou.

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                Oh bludgeon me with great eats, all on one block! Could they possibly do their whole gig there any better, other than soak them in rum and give you a cot to sleep it off?

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                  Just to clarify, are the cupcakes frosted with whipped cream only? I crave real frosting so not sure these would work for me.

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                    I'll do the best I can by describing the cupcake from the bottom-up. At least for now, all cupcakes have a dense chocolate cake body that is average in size. The one exception that I had was the Stupid Chocolate, which had nice chunks of chocolate mixed in the batter. The cupcake has a nice large but not oversized crown that has a small shot of whipped cream i it - probably from a piping bag - that is then dipped, sometimes double-dipped (depending on the flavor), into chocolate ganache. This is the basic platform to which different flavored frostings and accompanying garnishes are applyed. The frostings are of medium density. They do indicate whipped cream frosting, but it has alot more body to it then what one typically imagines as whipped cream. I personally would better describe it as a whipped cream-based frosting that has a medium body to it. I think the density may vary slightly depending on the flavor. For example, I found the Caramel frosting to be very buttery and a bit more dense than the Raspberry, which was a little lighter, fluffier and of course, fruity. If a heavy frosting like cream cheese or buttercream frosting is what you're craving, then this may not suit you. Just the same, if you're in the neighborhood, I think it would be worth a try - they are very novel cupcakes. Good eating!

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                      The cream tastes like whipped cream and buttercream mixed together to me. It's more like a pastry cream. There definitely seems to be butter in it.

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                        You may be right. You can taste the butterfat in certain frostings. It's too dense to be just whipped cream, but not dense enough to be a buttercream. Whatever it is, the frosting has a nice balance to it, as well as in conjunction with the rest of the cupcake.

              1. I read somewhere that dainties only uses real whipped cream & real buttercream - the only cupcakery in the city to do so. Not true?

                1. I got a half a dozen to go the other day, first of all the packing on it's own is freaking adorable. They were also kind enough to give me a complimentary chocolate chip cookie which I devoured on my road trip to the office. So far Ive tried the stupid chocolate which is delicious! I love the light cream on the top, which is so fluffy, the cake in the inside is very moist, not too rich, its a bit dense but they really got this right, this cupcake is such a fabulous treat. A friend of mine tried the vanilla and she kept saying Oooh, WOW, oooh, so this place is a hit in my books. Next time I'm going in the morning when I have more flavors to choose from.

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                    Just make sure you leave a couple of the stupid chocolates for me! Keep your eye out for "extras" in the case to the left. We got a strawberry shortcake filled with sliced strawberries and a nice, firm vanilla-flavored whipped cream which was great, and a brownie topped with vanilla frosting and crowned with a cherry. That one's in the frig waiting its turn for consumption.

                  2. Actually the frosting *is* whipped cream, that's why these need to be refrigerated (as said on their Web site) if not eaten right away. All the cupcakes are devil's food cake, it's only the whipped cream frosting that varies in flavor.

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                      I haven't asked but it seems there's something else that's a little more substantial in their other than just whipped cream - seems a little more dense. Could it be possible that they are folding in some buttercream into their whipped cream? Or is just the ingredients that are added to create the flavors that make it thicker? What ever it is, it definitely works for me! Thanks

                    2. Usually bakers that use whipped cream as a frosting add a stabilizer to the cream so it holds up a little longer. Not sure if this is what daintie's does, but it can definitely add to a firmer texture.

                      1. Dainties was on my mind again on Saturday, as it's been at least a few weeks since my last visit, and I was in the neighborhood taking our obnoxious but sweethearted four-legged child for a rabies booster. I was also hoping (for my kids) that some of the cupcakes or other treats might be embellished with some Easter colors or garnishes. Although I was left disappointed on the latter - no bunnies, chicks, or pastel colors - I am happy to say that Bill still makes great products that light up everyone's eyes and tastebuds with very bite.

                        I ordered one or two of each flavor - Vanilla, dumb chocolate (my personal favorite), nutella, caramel, tiramisu, mango, raspberry, coconut and maple. We had friends over yesterday - three adults and two kids, along with our family of four (plus our previously mentioned four-legged one who helped keep the floor clean of a couple of errant frosting miscues) before we headed out to Sahara in Pasadena, and we quickly dispatched the baker's dozen before heading out - a nice snack to reminisce over while navigating LA's freeways out to Pasedena.

                        And Susan still adamantly refuses tips - her standard line as always is something to the effect of, "We just want you to tell others if you really like our cupcakes - that's more than enough." Fair enough - give these cupcakes a try for a really nice treat. They're somewhat different from a standard cupcake, but they are always well-executed, the frosting flavor choices are broad enough to appeal to most, the service is always warm, friendly, and welcoming, and the boxes are designed specifically for holding cupcakes - a very important point as you'll appreciate this upon your first sudden stop while merging into traffic on the hellish boulevards of Santa Monica, Sepulveda, or the equally jam-packed 405. And while you're there, give their other treats a try - the strawberry shortcake and "almost brownie sundae" are equally good.

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                          I just tasted four Dainties cupcakes today (diet is not working) and I'm in a Dainties daze. Dainties is the best. Rich moist cake with light creamy topping and oh so good ganache. I know everyone says the same thing, but after going to Tartine in SF this week, Dainties cupcakes beats everything I had at Tartine and I ate a lot at Tartine. As Homer J. Simpson would say if he tasted one of these treats, "Mmmm...Dainties cupcakes...." Oh, and Bill is super cool too! But even if he was mean, I'd still crave his cupcakes.

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                            Better than Tartine? Wow - you'd better tell Bill, in case he knows of this place's reputation. That would have to be worth one or two extra anti-diet Dainties in the box from him or Susan...

                            What flavor(s) did you try?

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                              I tried the banana, stupid chocolate, vanilla bean, and raspberry. The banana was surprisingly very good. I was expecting it to be my least favorite, but it was one of my favorites. The banana flavor was really great and also the candied banana was delicious.

                              I had the frangipane, ham and cheese, quiche, scharfenberger choc cookie, and the an almond rocher thing at Tartine. It was good to ok, but I didn't have a nice food coma-daze afterwards like the dainties cupcakes. I think I had a bite of each item at Tartine. But the Dainties cupcakes, I had to eat them, all in two sittings.

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                                I have yet to try the banana - that's on my list. It's amazing how the frosting flavors have been tweaked with just the right amount of flavor, depending on whether it should be more pronounced like raspberry, or more subtle like caramel (if you like caramel, this one's nice as well). Bill has a handle on how to get it just right.

                                I'm surprised that you weren't more in a daze with the goods at Tartine... I've never been, but hounders from both the Bay area and here are nuts about this place... To each his or her own I guess... and now get back on that spinning cycle... so you can try the caramel...

                        2. I seem to be the only post here who DIDN'T like Dainties. I found the cake bland and hard, the cream kind of flavorless and not in the cake enough, and it was a pain to eat with that mess of ganache on top. Not exciting and I don't really understand the hype. They do LOOK cute.

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                            Well, I will second your opinion, dagactor. I was wicked excited to try Dainties when I was finally in the area and was completely disappointed in the flavor. It looked great but after the first bite, I was ready to throw out the batch. The cake was totally dry and plastic-y tasting. The cream was just okay. I tasted the cream off three cupcakes: raspberry, caramel, and stupid chocolate. I think the caramel was "best" of the three.