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Feb 23, 2007 12:54 PM

Just Fabulous - San Diego

If you happen to dine at Just Fabulous, and one of the specials mentioned is risotto, by all means, order it! Our server told us the chef doesn't make it often, so my companion and I decided to split it along with a kobe burger. It was, at the risk of being overly cliche, just fabulous! I should have asked what all was in it, but I did get the predominant flavour of ham or sausage. There were tender chunks of chicken, tomato, and the creamiest sauce. And their kobe burger, a standard on the menu, is very, very good. At this point in the afternoon, I either need an espresso or a nap. But we did manage to nab dessert - to go, of course!

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  1. Phee, where is Just Fabulous located? do you know how often they offer the risoto?

    1. It is in Kensington, on Adams Avenue, just East of the 15. It's sort of a small cafe, but they serve a limited dinner menu and a few specials nightly. There's a link to their webpage on their regular website (the bakery)

      I used to live in the neighborhood and went for breakfast a few times, but the service was so bad we stopped going. I also wasn't that crazy about their desserts. Maybe it has improved, or our experiences were just flukes. It seems to be pretty popular.

      1. I have really liked Just Fabulous. And I was thinking about posting a thread about them because we went last week and the server told us that the place has been up for sale for a month. And if it doesn't sell, it's closing soon.

        I started asking questions because their wine racks were almost totally empty and they only offered 2 reds and a couple whites. They used to offer much more. The server told me they aren't ordering any more wine because they won't be around much longer. so they're just using up what they already have.

        Any one know what's going on with this? I'm so curious because the food has always been great, in my opinion, and it was packed last Friday night. I'll be sad to see it go.

        P.S. Oddly, their desserts are actually the last reason I'd go there.

        1. I am sorry to hear that it is closing, but I have to say I'm not too surprised. I think the owner is very busy with the bakery end of things, and there was never really enough "management" there. The service was very slow when we went - almost laughably so, and the desserts are inconsistent. When they first opened, I went in and bought several - a couple of items were completely stale and tasteless and the rest were just barely passable.

          I was also a little turned off when we went in one morning with a group of 4 for brunch, and they only had one table available. The hostess told us that it was reserved for the owner and her friends who were coming in - thus we had to wait. That just seemed really odd to me. Another time I went in to order a cake, and they wouldn't let me pick it up at the restaurant, they said I'd have to go to their Alvarado Road location. I went to Extraordinary Desserts instead.

          I'm pretty much a sucker for those kind of places (desserts, fancy food, cool decor) so if they couldn't get me to go there, and I lived around the corner, then I can't say I'd think they would have much chance!

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            Kensington isn't on our way to anything (wish I could afford to live there), but a couple of years ago, we made it a point to visit Just Fab about four times: once for lunch, once for brunch, and twice for dinner. The lunches and dinners we had there were excellent, but I thought the brunch selections were limited and nothing special. The place, though tiny, was always packed, and while the service was friendly and welcoming, it was, I agree, always very slow and inept. It was as if the servers couldn't decide if their job was to wait on the tables or handle the busy bakery/pastry counter.

            We got desserts there to go on several occasions, and I thought they were fine, but my sweets judgment is kind of binary (good/not_good), so I'm probably not the best judge of the difference between adequate and excellent. Even so, I'm sorry to see it go. If you view it as a neighborhood joint and not a destination dining establishment, Just Fab IMO was, well, just fab.
            . . . jim strain in san diego

          2. Sad. I had dinner there a couple of weeks back, before the doom was coming. Their corn chowder was very tasty on a cold day, though I did think the chicken was a tad dry. I took a PB mousse home and found it good.

            I would've come back for the soup.