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Feb 23, 2007 12:41 PM

Blue Hill, Maine (and environs)

Okay, I had come to accept that both Pie-in-the-Sky and Jonathon's are long gone. Jean-Paul's Bistro is also no more. But there must be something new and recommended in this once-restaurant-rich area?

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  1. Clionice, on Main Street in Ellsworth is my favorite better dining spot in the region. Good for lunch or dinner featuring and assortment of Meditereanean tapas and entrees. There is also a very good ,but not particularly attractive, pizza place in Ellsworth on Rt 3 just 100 yds east of the rt 3- rt 1 split. (The name escapes me at the moment.)

    1. Thank you, vbmontana...the pizza place (whose name also escapes me, but I can see the very modest, ex-garage premises in my mind's eye) is a favourite of ours...if you have not been to The Mexx, also on the main street of Ellesworth, it is also very good esp. if you avoid the trite-and-true burritos etc. and go for the mole and huevos ranchero type stuff-but I will check out Clionice-I am amazed that I only got one response-this is such a beautiful vacation spot...we can't be the only two folks/families that eat when we go there!

      1. I strongly agree about Cleonice! I like the tapas best, and you can get a great selection for not too much money. The lamb burger (maybe only for lunch?) is fantastic. One of my favorite restaurants anywhere!