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Feb 23, 2007 12:27 PM

Is Verdura closed?

I heard a rumor that Verdura in Great Barrington is closed.
Can anyone confirm or deny this?
Appreciative Catnip

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  1. I drove by and it was boarded up. There was no signs, but in was not open.

    1. A few weeks ago the Eagle carried the story that it was sold to the Michaels/Bogies crew and will remain an Italian restaurant.
      (God how I long for an emoticon right about now!)

      Karaoke anyone?

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      1. re: cowgirlinthesand

        very interesting about the michaels/bogies crew....that is a weird team to buy it i think?

      2. Actually, Verdura and Due were sold to the same woman who owns Mezze and Cafe Latino

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        1. re: nidanlou

          We've been to the original Mezze that burned down in Williamstown. Food was quite good, invetive and varied, if a little pricey for the portions. I like her monthly themes, but don't know if they still do that. I think Verdura was over rated and over priced. The food was good, but the portions didn't satisfy me. Hopefully, Mezze can put out some vibrant food in a golden location. I had a $11 chicken sandwich at Pearl's today that sucked. If Mezze had been open I would have walked across the street.

        2. Oh geez - My bad! I really rememembered that wrong.
          Well that news is much less frightening for sure.

          Thanks for posting the correct info nidanlou. I'll try not to do that again!

          1. Was so sad to find Verdura gone. Does anyone know what's become of Bill Webber (chef/owner)?