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Feb 23, 2007 12:26 PM

UBurger= Yumburger

Just stopped into UBurger for a fix, and boy was it good, as always. Their ucheeseburger is an incredibly tasty meal for $4.25!! There's something about their house sauce, pickles, and fresh onions combined that I really like. This has become a biweekly treat.

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  1. I dunno. My one visit was underwhelming. Decent fast food style burger, but not markedly better than Krazy Karry's in Arlington or Wild Willy's in Watertown, neither of which, IMHO, holds a candle to either In-N-Out on the West Coast or Five Guys in the Southeast. Fries were good, but again, not my favorite. And as many have reported, when I asked for our burgers medium rare, I was told "all burgers are cooked medium well." Oh well. If it were convenient to me, it might be a reasonable fix, but it's just not a destination. If I'm driving into Kenmore for a burger, it's to the bar at Eastern Standard.