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DFW Farmer's Markets/CSA?

I know there's a farmer's market in Dallas. Has anyone ever been there? Are there any closer to the DFW airport?
Also, does anyone know of any CSAs in this area? I'm really hoping to get some locally grown fruits and vegetables this year and would love to join a CSA?
Anybody know?

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  1. What's a CSA?

    I've been to the Dallas Farmer's Market once a few years ago. It was ok... not really as good as some other Farmer's Markets I've been to in NY or CT. One highlight, though, was the Texas Meats booth - they sell eggs, chickens, lamb, grass-fed beef, etc. from a couple of local farms that use more natural methods (not just organic, not just free-range, but I'm not sure what to call it). Otherwise, I recall a bunch of fruit/vegetable stands as one might expect... just not much memorable or exciting. I've been meaning to go back and check it out again.

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      CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

      I believe you pay a certain amount of money and you almost become a "share-holder" of a farm. In return, you reap benefits in the form of fresh produce. Something like that. We had them back in PA, didn't know if they were in this area or not.

    2. sounds cool - I just found links to these things... is this what you're looking for? Does anyone have experience with them?


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        That's exactly it. There seems to be one close by here on that greenpeople.org site.
        Now I have to see which of my coworkers might like to share an order, because it's way too much food for just two of us.
        Thank you gavlist! I don't know what you googled, that I couldn't find, but thank you!

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          my pleasure. My search was:
          "Community Supported Agriculture" dallas

          and I only looked at the first couple of sites. You might find something else useful.

      2. I love the Dallas Farmers Market. Just go early in the morning to avoid the crowds and get the freshest produce. And there is a place there that sells loose tea that is incredible.

        1. Downtown Grapevine has a farmers market - never know which vendors are going to show up, but we try every week when they are there. The website says the dates this year will be: April 7, 2007 to October 27, 2007. This is on Main St. and it also includes an open air market for all kinds of other stuff.

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            Is that every day? Or just on weekends? I'll definitely go up there.

            By the way, you have got to go to Main Street days (in May) and Grapefest (Sept.). What a blast.

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              I agree on the Grapevine Farmers market, they come on Wednesdays, try to get there 8ish to get freshest selection of produce.

            2. The closest to a "real farmers" market is probably McKinney. I believe it's only open on Saturdays. There is also a mostly organic market near downtown in old east Dallas. I don't remember the name but much more organics.

              1. Coppell has a Farmer's Market as well. It is located on Bethel Road in Old Town Coppell. Last year they had seafood, meat, cheese, bread, produce, and herbs. I'm not sure what the lineup will be this year but its certainly a viable alternative to McKinney or downtown Dallas. This will be the fifth year for the market and in my opinion its one of the best suburban Farmer's Markets in that is organized and run by community volunteers so no one farmer or farmer group controls the market. Without getting into too many details it is difficult to find a real farmer's market anywhere in the area.

                1. check this out:

                  it mentions a couple of other CSAs and small food producers in the area

                  1. I go fairly regularly to the farmer's market in downtown Dallas. You want to stick to Shed 1 - that's where all the local grower's have stalls. As far as the produce in other sheds in concerned, just remember that pineapples don't grow in Texas.

                    Bettye's Tomatoes have my favorite tomatoes. Lemley's produce is fabulous - they also have tomatoes, but I'm a Bettye's girl. I go to Lemley's for pretty much everything else. Peaches will be in season soon. They are already selling them, but I'm waiting for freestones - much better flavor. Corn isn't quite there either. All this rain has slowed down the growing season a bit.

                    I haven't had any luck finding a CSA, but I plan on checking out some of the links.

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                      Thanks dalaimama. It's a bit of a hike to get over there, but I'll check it out one of these days.

                    2. Queen, have you been to the Farmer's Market on Hwy. 26 in Colleyville? They have fresh produce, in fact, some of the best tomatoes ever. There is also Hall's grocery in Colleyville.

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                        Can't say that I have. Are they there on weekends? Unfortunately, with work the way it is, my only opportunity to get to a farmer's market is on a weekend.

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                          The Colleyville Farmer's Market is in a permanent building and is open on weekends.