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Feb 23, 2007 12:08 PM

Savor Dallas

I've been out of town the last 2 years when Savor Dallas rolled around but am anxious to go this year. Judging by the lineup of chefs, demonstrations, wine tastings, etc on their website it looks like a great time. Curious about reviews from previous years from any hounds and if you're planning on attending this year.

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  1. I plan on doing the grand tasting. This will also be my first Savor Dallas as well. I would love to know what I am to expect of the 'grand tasting.' Will it be like an expo exhibit w/ tables and mini-kitchens dishing out the chefs specialties? Is this an all you can eat/drink affair?

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      I've done the grand tasting and it is a LOT to take in, in only two hours. The trick is to do a once over of the room first, just in case there's any good stuff (Vodka, Gin, Scotch, etc) in the room before wasting time with every single wine. Plus, that's where all the good freebies are. Or at least, that was the grand reserve wine tasting thingy.

      And immediately afterwards, we all went to the big food and (lesser known) wine tasting, which, was AYCE and drink.


    2. I attended the first year of Savor Dallas and the tasting event was quite large.

      meanwhile, is giving away free tickets to Savor Dallas.

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        Looks like the grand tasting is 3 hrs instead of 2. Still looks like a lot to take in but the extra hour couldn't hurt. The research I've done tells me it will be similar to other events like this - chefs with mini kitchens/burners handing out 2 bite tastings and both the food and the wine is all you can eat/drink. Personally I'm looking very forward to this.