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any recommendations for a good dinner in providence?

Hello, I have to go to providence SAturday and would love to know a great place to eat.
If there is a nice place to go for an after dinner drinl or dessert that would be greatly appreciated,too!

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  1. Check out Al Forno or New Rivers -- both very good!

    1. Wow,thanks windupbird-checked web site for new rivers looks great!

      1. Ristorante Romanza on Wickenden Street is really nice, with three fireplaces, one in each room. Excellent Italian cuisine, and the prices are pretty decent. It's BYO, though!

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          I'm pretty sure Ristorante Romanza is no more (as of very recently).

        2. Superb recs so far, but I'd strongly urge you to check out the New England board (this thread will likely be moved there anyway). There are hundreds of great Providence threads there for every cuisine and price range you could want.

          As long as we're on the subject, I'll throw in a controversial rec for Red Stripe in Wayland Square. It has its detractors, but I had a fantastic order of moules frites there for lunch recently, and can't wait to go back!

          1. thank you everyone-i am new to chow and don't know all the ins and outs

            1. for an after dinner dessert stop go to Pastiche on Federal Hill. check it out:


              1. I concur w/NEW RIVERS followed by PASTICHE.

                Or....if you want to be in one basic neighborhood for both...Prime (steak); Pane e Vino, and Costentino's (hell, I love Viola's too) are all on Federal Hill and right near Pastiche. And Venda has the best gelato, if you'd rather have that for dessert than the baked stuff.

                Neath's is also excellent.

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                    Saw that right after I posted about it. Sad to hear it!

                1. Poochie, are you going to be in any particular area? Are you limited at all by location?

                  Chez Pascal is also very, very good.

                    1. Thanks for those links, Sean----I was posting on the run earlier and couldn't do it.

                      Apropos to this, but also in general----has anyone been to Citron? A Boston friend (waving at Boston Friend) came down and ate there and said it was good. I haven't been.

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                        Yes! I tried Citron in January. Really enjoyed it, my steak was very good. I especially enjoyed the flights of wine! $13 for a tasting of three different wines, creatively presented on the menu. Great way to try something new and not feeling intimidated by the wine list. It was also very busy on the night I went, and it was a weeknight, late! So I give it a thumbs up, I'll try it again next time I'm in Prov!