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Feb 23, 2007 11:59 AM

Value Of The Chow Digest

There is a thread on the L.A. board that might be of interest to folks, it describes how 'hounds leverage the Chow Digest to determine what threads they may want to drill down to. This is particularly useful on boards that get a lot of action, when you don't have a lot of time to go through them, thread by thread.

Here's the discussion:

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  1. "Digest" is a somewhat misleading title, at least for the SF board--doesn't really give a sense of what's happening on the board. It does give a sense of how wide-ranging the discussion is.

    Of course, it's such an active board that doing a comprehensive digest would take a few hours a day.

    1. Where is the Chow Digest? I have searched the web site, but can't seem to figure out where the Chow Digest is.

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      1. re: jhammon

        Here you go:

        Just click on the down "arrow" next to the Blogs link on the top of any page, then a page will open up with a link to the digest.

        1. re: ChinoWayne

          ChinoWayne, thank you so much! I didn't even recognize the large font heading THE DIGEST as a link. It looked like just a part of the heading to me until I hovered my mouse pointer over it..

      2. Los Angeles, Home Cooking, and General Topics DIGEST have been AWOL for a couple days, what's up?

        1. we've moved to a schedule of one region a day -- SF is monday, NY is tuesday, and so on. This allows us to spin them into newsletters.

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          1. re: davina

            Thanks for the explanation, that's a good idea. When will we start receiving newsletters via email again?

            And, what's happened to fact-checking and copy editing for THE DIGEST? The latest entries are littered with wrong addresses, missing phone numbers, missing links, bad urls, etc. And, I was just doing a quick skim of places known to me that I could easily recognize as wrong entries. I posted comments to the blog entries, and I'm worried that there's more sloppiness if I actually went looking for it. I will when I have some time, if you'd find that helpful, but I'd think that a professional CHOW editor should be doing that work before releasing for publication. Doesn't seem ready for prime time yet.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I've noticed this too (several of my posts have been "digestified" lately as I explore the culinary wonders of inland Orange County) -- it's not really terrible badness, but things like the region help being a bit weird -- I think I saw Anaheim once as "South OC" and Burbank as "East LA". I don't remember the specifics.

              So, a question -- should we notify the mods when we find oopses? Or just suck it up?

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                I would suggest posting it as a comment to the specific Digest piece, then when it's corrected or at least read, it can be deleted. davina requested emailing her directly, but I think that it's a disservice to readers to not have your correction posted right next to the error. Scanning today's LA entries, it looks like the neighborhood designations are changing, let's just hope they'll be consistent going forward so that we can search/tag by area efficiently. The Digest is on the CHOW editorial side and not the mods concern, I would think.

                I'm glad you're watching this. It's not my region so I can't judge easily. But I am deeply concerned about the way the Digest is being published/produced and hope you and other LA Area hounds will stay on it so that it can be at least as good a resource as it once was. If you're feeling as anal as I was a couple weekends ago for the SF Digest, you can scan through the last month's or so of Digest entries and add your comments.

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  I appreciate you pointing out mistakes, Das Ubergeek, as I've told Melanie. If the mistakes are quick fixes, like a wrongly designated neighborhood or wrong phone number, those are fixed in the post and the comment is deleted.

                  The reason to email rather than post directly is that I'll see it quicker. I check comments throughout the day but can't always be immediately on it. Melanie wants the process to be more transparent, and that's fine.

            2. Newsletters will start as soon as we can get some time from the engineers -- I hope, hope it will be in the next couple of weeks.

              I know the digests have been not up to their normal standard this week -- thanks, Melanie, for posting comments about them (you can also email me directly!). We're in between fact-checkers/copyeditors. We'll get it ironed out next week.

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              1. re: davina

                Tough day, uh, week at the office! I'll keep posting the needed corrections as I find them. That way others know that it's been reported and you won't have to read 500 emails pointing out the same thing. Also I'd hate for any readers to go to the wrong address in the wrong town because they believed what you erroneously uploaded on your site. It doesn't seem like anyone has taken the time to make the changes. Trust is a hard thing to build and even harder to get back once broken.

                Thanks for your email. I'm sorry to hear that Caitlin is no longer doing copy editing. Her contribution and value in that area becomes even more evident in her absence.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Just thought of a quick way for you and your new copy editor to view my comments. There in the Recent Activity on MyChow,

                  I actually found more errors and made more comments than the 20+ shown here, but some have already scrolled off the page limit, as I continue to post today.