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Feb 23, 2007 11:41 AM

Bymark- Review

A group of 5 of us had dinner at Bymark the other night. I had heard good things about the restaurant and the steaks especially.

From the start I wasn't impressed.
The entry way was like walking into a subway station. A dirty old set of stairs. The big wood sculpture looked completely out of place.
We were sat at a bench table and I was surprised to see rips in the upholstery and even worse the seat was covered in crumbs. It wouldn't be an exageration to say that the bench seats hadn't been cleaned in a week.

Service was average to below average. Actually it was below average for the prices being charged.

I ordered the "poutine" to start. Very disappointing. The fries were greasy and the bernaise sauce had very little flavor and was under seasoned.
Also at the table we had:
The characutiere platter, it was good but nothing spectacular.
The lettuce wraps, awful. The cod was far from fresh.
The caramelized squash & duck confit risotto, excellent. Probably the best dish of the night.
The seared foie gras, no complaints other than it was under seasoned.

Three of us had the 16oz. dry aged rib eye. The steaks were very good and cooked to our specifications but the side dishes were weak at best.
One had the roasted artisan chicken which was well prepared and one had the daily special which I don't recall.

The desserts were average.

We only had a couple of glasses of wine for the table as there were a few non drinkers.

Total bill was a little over $650

Price for me isn't really an issue but product and service is and Bymark failed on these counts.

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  1. I think Bymark was once good... but based on my last experience, I agree with you completely. Overpriced, unimpressive food. For what they are charging, they have to do much better than mediocrity.

    1. da-ham that isn't good.

      I've never had such a terrible meal there -- but then, I don't recall the lettuce wraps, poutine or chacaturie on the menu at all. And the foie has always been good, intensely sauced. The dirty benches are totally gross. It's been 4 months since I was last there sounds like something not good is going on.

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      1. re: orangewasabi

        I don't remember seeing lettuce wraps either. I've had lunch there several times and although it can be very busy, the service it still usually very good. I had to scale down my diet and they are always very accommadating to my special requests.

      2. Wow, very surprising that Mark McEwan would let his restaurant deteriorate like that. Maybe he's too busy building this newest restaurant "One" scheduled to open this summer in Yorkville and forgot about Bymark. Is Mark stretching himself too thin?

        I never thought much of the design of Bymark which was done by Yabu Pushelberg. It's cold and dark that may fitting for the business suit crowd but not a place to be for something romantic or elegant.

        1. I appreciate your review, yet my experience was very different. I had dinner there on Friday with two colleagues in from Colombia. Everything worked for me. Service was superb, the food was amazing (the lobster poutine was out of this world and the Bymark burger was perfect..among the best I've ever had). Even the cinnamon churros for dessert were right on.