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Where to have brunch in Roncesvalle Village?

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Any recommendations for brunch in Bloor West or Roncesvalle Village in Toronto?

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  1. Mitzi's on Sorauren - great brunch but getting a table can be a challenge. Go early.

    1. Lots of choices on Roncesvalles. Butler's Pantry has fabulous French Toast and is casual an inexpensive. River and Boho are still reasonable but a little nicer. River's back room is especially warm and relaxing.

      1. Two popular but hit-and-miss choices (in my opinion) are the Sunrise and the Freshwood Grill.

        1. "easy" on queen just east of ronces.

          1. Have only been there for dinner but River is a nice place. Socially minded restaurant, too, helping at-risk youth train to qualify for steady, better paying jobs.

            1. Oh yeah, I'll second Easy.

              1. Easy is great.

                Noticed that they may be expanding the restaurant, as there is a large storefront on King St., just E. of Roncesvalles that has an "Easy" sign. It will have a great view of the lake!

                1. I also like Easy at queen and ronces.
                  There's a new place on Dundas West right where Dundas and Roncesvalles meet.
                  It's called 'B' and is drawing a pretty good crowd in its first weeks.
                  Good Eggs Benny, served on a tea biscuit.

                  1. Chopin has a brunch, if you like homestyle Polish food. Haven't tried them for brunch yet, but the dinners I've had there have been amazing.