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Feb 23, 2007 11:16 AM

Four Olives in Long Beach?

Living in the area, I always pass this place, on Atlantic, on the way to/from errands. Judging from the decor and location, it seems to not be the place to hop in and grab a quick bite - of course I could be wrong (gasp!).
Just wondring if anyone's been there and has any views of the place.

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  1. keep on going. wish it was better.

    1. I disagree. It's pretty good for Long Beach. You can get a decent sandwich and some chips. Doesn't compare with East Coast delis, though.

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        Are you thinking of "Olives" and not "Four Olives" on Atlantic?

      2. We've tried this place for lunch and were in and out in under an hour. The food's good, a step up from EJ Malloy's and other lunch options on Atlantic Ave. Definitely give it a try for lunch. Dinner's quite a bit more spendy.

        1. I stopped by and tried their caramel apple french toast (french toast with slices of green apple and a bit of caramel sauce). I'm not much of a french toast eater, but I was really suprised at how just simple slices of green apple transformed the dish!
          Service was prompt and friendly and it wasn't expensive IIRC. They've piqued my interest and I will go back again and try a few other things.

          1. I live in the Cal Heights neighborhood where 4 Olives is located, and I've eaten there about five time over the last year. I had a really delicious warm goat cheese salad the first time...followed by four wholly unexceptional meals at subsequent visits. I *want* to like this place, but I find the food pricey for what you get, and sort of sloppy and not all it's hyped up to be. The service irritates me as well - the servers are too casual and "dudey" for the sort of place it's trying to be. Killing it off for good was when I inquired about a tray of lasagna for a holiday party I was throwing...a tray feeding about 20 some people - and was quoted $200-+. I'm sorry. The management are full of themselves.
            For a better experience, try Christy's in Belmont Heights. They do the same thing, but well.