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Feb 23, 2007 11:15 AM

Favorite Hot Sauce?

I'm talking about a store-bought sauce that you use regularly. For me it's Melinda's - XXXtra Hot for everyday use, XXXX Reserve for special occasions. Great combination of serious heat with delicious flavor, and not as vinegary as Tabasco and its ilk.

What's yours? And while we're at it, what's the strangest thing you put it on? I'm probably pretty conservative, I just use it with foods like eggs, beans, soups, pizza, subs, hot dogs, sausage & peppers, Mac & cheese, and of course most anything Mexican or otherwise Latin American.

The one thing I don't use it in is hot & sour soup, for that I find hot sesame oil adds good heat while blending better with the original flavor.

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  1. I enjoy a sauce called Island Heat. The flavor and just the right amount of heat. I don't think there's anything strange I like it on. I really like it on popcorn and peanuts.

    1. Sriracha for asian food (specifically chicken and rice bento/ hot chili oil for dim sum)
      Cholula for hispanic food
      green and red tabasco for eggs, potatoes, pizza, burgers

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      1. Tabasco Habanero (not available in my local market, I order it directly from Tabasco) is my day to day at home. If I want to really kick something up, Dave's Insanity. But of course I have an even wider selection of hot sauces in the pantry, for use as the mood or cuisine suits me.

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          Dave's Insanity--I'm impressed! I like my food hot, but a pinhead sized speck of Dave's hurt me badly!

          1. re: Marge

            To me, any hot sauce that lists capscium oil as an ingredient is no longer actually eligible to be considered a food product. Thats just wrong.

            More power to you though.

            1. re: Marge

              No kidding! I almost caused an international incident once with Dave's Insanity Sauce. I made some marinated grilled steak tips for a friend's pot-luck party using about 1 tsp of Dave's for 3 lbs of beef. I labeled the dish as "seriously hot," and my friends all know when I say that, I really mean it! But my host had some visiting Japanese guests, who apparently didn't understand the warning. Ouch! They could barely swallow it but were too embarrassed to spit it out. Not a good scene.

              1. re: BobB

                I think Dave insanity can cure the common cold.

              2. re: Marge

                Oh, I have learned to be very judicious in my use of Dave's Insanity, just a couple of drops in 16 oz of La Victoria Salsa Ranchera (which La Victoria touts as being hot) will kick it up very nicely. I did have a bottle of Dave's Total Insanity in the house, but after using it all up I decided that I didn't need to punish myself with that stuff anymore (don't want to shorten my life more than I have already).

                Oh, and just remembered, Stubbs Inferno Wing sauce, another awesome one, that will produce truly memorable Buffalo Wings.

                1. re: ChinoWayne

                  Much to my dismay I have learned that Stubbs no longer produces the Inferno Wing Sauce. At least not here in Austin and it is no longer offered on their website. Bummer.

            2. my cheapie standbys are sriracha and tapatio, sometimes cholula as well.

              my other two faves are 1) the "jamaican style" from original juan's, the "pain is good" people. its spicy but not too hot, with a great smoky flavor and a sweetness from pineapple jiuce, and 2) a sauce i make myself from a can of chipoltes in adobado sauce. the can is maybe a buck-fifty at any latino market, i simply puree it in the food processor with a little water, sometimes adding a dash of cumin.

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              1. re: andytee

                I'm with you on the cheapie staples Tapatio and Sriracha. I actually really like mixing them together. Add in some ketchup when eating fries and I'm in heaven.

              2. We like Tapatio and Bufalo for daily use
                LaYu for gyoza-ramen
                Sriracha-whatever else