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Feb 23, 2007 10:55 AM

Have you been to the North Market ??

Just went there today for my monthly visit.I so much like the wide range of food to choose from.I started with soup from Bob the fish guy.Then had some sushi.Then had 3 chicken wings.Before I left I picked up some smoked cheese and some sweet stuff for the kids.The place makes me all happy.I enjoy it very much,what do you think of it ?????

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  1. A whole lotta geography makes up this Midwest region. Please tell us what city & state you are talking about.

    1. Columbus, Ohio - LOL

      I live near the North Market and love it, Jeni's Ice Cream, Curds and Whey, etc. I just wish it were bigger, more like Reading Market in Philly.

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        I'm a big fan of North Market there in my old home town, and used to know it back when it was in a quanset hut a couple blocks from its current location. It's a fabulous business model, one which i wish would be imitated more often.

        Check'em out at


      2. LOVE the North Market in Columbus. Work downtown and often pop in. Barry's Deli has the best corned beef in town. Adore Jeni's ice cream. Mozart's Bakery has some yummy stuff as does the butcher shop.

        1. I'm a big Lac Viet fan.