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Mr.Chow yes? or Mr. Chow no?

I've wanted to try Mr. Chow for years now, but am wondering if its worth it, at least once? any thoughts?

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  1. I'm sure you will get alot of negative responses here about Mr. Chow. I definitely think it's worth going, but you need to prepare yourself, so you go in with the right expectations. First off, it's going to cost a fortune. And there is no way around that since there really isn't a priced menu, and the bill comes written in Mandarin. (Or Cantonese? Who knows?) And you will probably just have dishes brought to you. You CAN request stuff though. The other thing you should know is that this really isn't Chinese food by any stretch of the imagination. Its a bizarre cuisine all it's own. I love the chicken satay that is bright orange, and comes with peanut butter. It's quite strange and tasty. LOVE the drunken fish too. And dragon noodles. And bright green shrimp. I avoid crispy beef and that deep fried spinach they push on everyone. I suggest tons of lychee martinis too. All the food is pretty sweet, served in small portions family style and a bit odd. Think of it as an '80's fusion flashback and have some fun. Get dressed up. Look for celebrities. And don't be suprised with the bill. This really is a place you can go once, and say you've done it!

    1. Thanks! so maybe worth a try, even if just once :) and plenty of lychee martini of course

        1. if you like overpriced americanized chinese food go for it. =)

          1. I would say 'why not?' Although many would say it's americanized chinese food, I have yet to taste americanized chinese food the Mr. Chow's way. Just be realistic that you are going there for the experience (and mind you: it's an EXPENSIVE experience!) LilZ gave you a pretty good detail as to what to expect. One thing I would like to add is that the tables are very close to each other and that it could get really loud and cramped.

            1. if you're going for the atmosphere, yes.
              if you're going for the food, no.

              you'll get mainly "no's" on this board because it's CHOWhound, not SCENEhound, and most will comment just on the food. actually, hmm... i take that back. looked over all the posts, and i think everyone's given you a pretty good idea of what it is.

              as for me, i'd rather have live lobster and king crab at an authentic chinese seafood restaurant than go to Mr. Chow, but i suppose that's why i look to this board instead of citysearch for opinions.

              by the way, while chinese has many dialects, it's only written one way (so there's no distinction between writing in cantonese or mandarin).

              1. So what do you think a meal for 2 with a drink each would run?

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                  If you are going to order more than one course, I would conservatively count on $50-60 per person, depending on what you order. Appetizers are around $10-15 and main dishes are in the $20-30 range.

                  Mr. Chow is fun if you are going on somebody else's dime. The scene lives up to the hype, and the service is excellent. I personally find the food to be for the most part mediocre, especially given the price.

                2. don't go but if you do get double orders

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                    never been to mr chow but went to euro chow before it closed....it was bad!
                    if its anything like it.....big no to mr chow

                  2. I think it's worth going to once - but only if someone else is paying. I really liked the lunch I had there, especially the squab lettuce cups, and I saw Ray Liotta, and the service was great. But it didn't particularly stand out as a place I would go back to myself. Even the ambience was not that special - it seemed like a pretty formal/office type of setting - far from romantic or fun or anything else interesting. The Ivy on the other hand, I have gladly paid for myself...

                    1. I've read a little about the place and also heard about it, and everything sums up to a "no," in my book. That said, if you have been wanting to try it for years, I would say, go for it. Check it out, and decide for yourself. :)

                      Edit: Since you posted in Feb., did you actually end up going? If so, how was it?