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Feb 23, 2007 10:36 AM

Does it have to be mineral oil?

Hi! I have two new cutting boards. One is bamboo and I'm not sure about the other. I read people rub mineral oil on their cutting boards. Is this necessary? Is there anything else I can use? Thanks.

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    Well, back when I was taking wood class (8th grade) our teacher insisted on mineral oil because food oils can become rancid. Someone in class asked him where he got that information from, and he said he got an ear full from the Home Economics Teacher as we must use mineral oil.on wooden cutting boards. Same applies to bamboo


    1. It is absolutely necessary to keep you boards oiled to both preserve and seal them. I use straight mineral oil (from the pharmacy - the kind you can ingest, not baby oil) and it works well. I've also found special "butcher block oil" that is lemon scented that works well, but is considerably more expensive.

      When you first oil the board, pour a puddle on it, rub it around and leave a heavy coating on overnight. By morning, just wipe away whatever has not been absorbed. The board should now be a deeper color. Whenever you see it start to get lighter in the high-use areas, just repeat the procedure.

      1. You want a food safe mineral oil. Vegetable oil, etc. can get rancid and that's just nasty.
        With the mineral oil you put some on, wipe excess off and let it soak in - on average you do this every day for a week and once a week for a month and then you get used to when it will need more oil.

        1. Like everyone else has said, yes, use mineral oil.

          You might consider oiling all your wooden kitchen implements (boards, spoons, salad tongs, etc) at the same time, and repeating once or twice a year. All your wooden things will last longer this way, and you only have to clean up once (the oil can get a bit messy).

          1. Has anyone seen the beeswax they make for wood boards & utensils? Wondering if anyone has used it?

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              HaagenDazs, that is an interesting thought. From what I gather it is the top gun of food to wood sealers. However, it is considerably expensive at about $25 per 1/2 pound. Although one has to make sure it is the edible variety. I did a quick search and found some at the link below.