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Feb 23, 2007 10:26 AM

Does All-Clad Make Emerilware?

This may have been discussed before, but does All-Clad actually make Emerilware? I have always assumed that the answer is "yes" but it's unclear from the Emerilware website. There's obviously a close relationship between the two companies but it's not actually spelled out on the site.

Just curious.....

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  1. Emerilware stainless at least is made by All-Clad. I dunno about around here, but I've seen others who are pleased with the Emerilware stainless as a "budget All-Clad" set. The construction is not the same (no clad in the sides), but it seems that it's okay in its price range and still carries All-Clad's lifetime warranty. You can buy this in a 10-pc set that has glass dome lids for about 200 bucks, and then use a ubiquitous Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon for a hefty discount off that. It might just make it worth the horror of having to see Emeril's face on the box and name on all the pans. ;-) They sell it at Amazon, so you can read those comments if you want.

    1. I think they're made for All Clad. I believe they're made in China.

      1. I believe that's correct, whereas the "real" All-Clad is made just down the road from here in Canonsburg, PA, USA. This kind of distinction is splitting hairs perhaps. Nearly everything made in China is made "for" the company whose name is on the product rather than "by" them. But the quality specifications are set by the brand, in this case All-Clad (with Emeril's name on it). In my book, where it is made is not as important as the specification to which it is made and how well it is backed. Lord knows a bunch of stuff made in the US is crap indeed!

        1. Yes, All-Clad does make Emerilware Cookware in China and come fully backed with a lifetime warranty. Emerilware Knives are made by Wusthof in Germany.