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Feb 23, 2007 10:19 AM

Anyone been to the new TWO restaurant (old Hawthorne Lane)?

Wanted to make dinner reservations but wanted some advise and review first.


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      1. Visited Saturday evening (2/24) for drinks and appetizers. Bar staff was knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. Extensive wine list with a "50 under $50" section, something I wish more restaurants would consider offering. They also offer an "en vac" program - we tried the Sangiovese offered that evening, an outstanding value at just $5.50 a glass.

        For appetizers we had the deep fried Hama Hama oysters, slow roasted marrow bones with tomato stew, roasted beet and goat cheese salad and a half portion of the mushroom agnolloti - all of which were very enjoyable. For dessert it was the trio of ice cream sandwiches - perhaps it was just me but I found myself wishing I had ordered something else instead.

        Overall a good experience, although my one complaint was that they didn't pace our dishes, so the pasta and marrow bones grew a little cold before we got to them. Granted we didn't specify that we wanted some pace between dishes, so next time we'll know better. I would definitely go back as well as recommend TWO to others.