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Feb 23, 2007 10:13 AM

Your "go to" restaurant in KC?

I thought all the Midwesterners were going to be able to participate in the "Go to restaurant when too hungry 2 think thread" and I was so sad when I opened it up and it was only Minneapolis! So, Kansas City-ians, what are your "go to" resaurants in KC? Ours are Spin Pizza, La Cocina del Puerco, and for a nicer night out, 1924 Main. Never disappointed at any of these places!

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  1. D'Bronx is where we go when too hungry 2 think. We live a block and a half away and always get a #1 and a #22.
    For comfort food when too tired 2 think, we get pho at Pho 97 at Independence Avenue and Prospect. Along with green papaya salad. Perks us up immediately. And the owners are so nice, we always feel great after eating there.

    1. We have two "go to" Carmen's Cafe and Jack Stack BBq, Chicken speidini or fettucine di mare always hit the spot at Carmen's, and rib, beans and cheesey corn at Jack's

      1. Dos de Oros in Martin City and Jen-Jen's in OP. For me, how late a place opens and proximity to home makes a difference when we're in one of those moods and it's just horrible when these things hit. One person just wants to eat something, the other person is not sure what they're in the mood aggravating. Going out to eat should be a happy occasion, not a source of crankiness.

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          My Husbad worked with the husband of Jen-Jen's - they are incredibly great people. Glad to know it's still open (we live in KC)

        2. For breakfast and definitely lunch try Jerry's Woodsweather Cafe in the West Bottoms in KC. Best tenderloin, best Rueben, great hamburgers. I noticed the Philly Cheesesteak was nothing to turn down either. I had lunch there Thursday. KC is lucky to have a place like this.

          For dinner I was very satisfied with Jack Stack BBQ at the Plaza. The MSP contingent has nothing to offer to match Jack Stack.

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            I eat at woodsweather all the time.. everything is good.. burgers, tenderloins, meatloaf, catfish, soup, cakes, pies... like I said everything.. Woodsweather Cafe is a Beautiful Thing...

          2. Davydd, Glad you liked the Woodsweather! They are a good place for breakfast as well. I haven't had the tenderloin there yet, if you liked it, I'm definitely going to get it the next time I'm there!