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Mistral or Lampreia?

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Hi all,

Planning a special dinner to celebrate and trying to decide between these two places. Which one would you recommend for a celebratory occasion? Thanks for any advice!

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    1. Mistral! Lampreia has too much attitude. The portions are microscopic and you will leave, hungry and penniless.

      1. I would certainly choose MISTRAL. More interesting food...very fresh....more 'complete' experience....they don't disappoint.

        1. I would pick Mistral although I think the food is more sophisticated at Lampreia, ie Kobe Beef Gravlax is to die for. The problem with Lampreia is that it's always waaaay to quiet which makes it kind of uncomfortable IMO and not a good place to let loose and celebrate.

          1. both are great & depending on how you order or how much it takes to fill you up .. both could leave you hungry .. mistral is nice, it's small & the room can seem fullish quite easily ... Lampreia can be remarkable though it's atmosphere is hardly festive .. either place is great pick one for this celebration and pick the other for the next .. i think both will be around until their chef/owners tire of having them!

            1. Mistral is great. William (the chef) personalizes the meal and makes you feel like he is cooking just for you. He often even comes out to chat or serve himself.

              1. Lampreia is in my opinion the only :"cosmopolitan/world class" restaurant in Seattle when they get it right. They can be a bit inconsistent but all in all, Lampreia has the most interesting and original food. Mistral can be good but to me, it is a very juvenile experience and the place is always empty. I have never had dinner there wheren there was more than three tables full...and I have been there ~10 times. I fell like I am in a church when I go there. For the same price (maybe cheaper), the food is more sophisticated and "better thought" at Lampreia. I am not a dinner that is at all affected by attitude which Lampreia can have some of (depending on cirucmstances) but if you are affected by attitude you may be bothered. I have seen William twice have dinner at Lampreia so obviously he thinks the food is good there also!

                1. Undoubtedly Mistral is the better choice. The majority of people I know that have dined at Lampreia seem to have two gripes in common: 1) sticker shock over the bill 2) the snobby and indifferent service. I'm not averse to some attitude either (Elemental anyone?) when it's expected and "fun" and you're in good hands. Not the case here.

                  1. I think I'll pick neither place. Having eaten at both, it's like which is the worse of two evils!
                    Years ago Chef Carsberg posted his menu in the window, but each time I stopped by to see what was on the menu, he'd run up to the window, as if he was trying to scare you away.
                    As for Mistral, it's been downhill the last few months. Since the talent drain in the front and in the kitchen, it seems that Chef Belickis has had to actually work for once. I dined at Mistral both in January and February, and had almost the exactly same menu each time. I find it offensive when they tell a tale of great culinary adventure, of how everything is fresh everyday, etc, but two trips weeks apart yielded the same so-so meal, at a quite a large expense (over $200 per person). As for the wine, I think it's obscene when a restaurant charges $100 for their wine pouring, but don't pay enough attention to actually pour the right wine with the right course. It's even more insulting when the wine they are pouring can be found at wine shops for less than $40.

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                      I'm with you justfeedme. The service was off, the food imaginative but not spectacularly so, the wine not memorable and the price, ridiculous. The Herbfarm or Rover's are better thoughts and despite the waning service recently, Canlis is still a "special occasion" restaurant that is memorable, fun and about 1/2 the cost of Mistral.

                    2. If Lampreia induces sticker shock compared to Mistral, I'll never go. Dinner for 4 was $1000 w/ tip at Mistral last week. Glad the boss was paying; I don't think I'll be going back on my own dime at those prices.

                      1. I don't know why Lampreia is still in business when everyone seems to agree that they have such a horrible ambience and demeaner. I read in the Seattle-PI last week about them driving out 7 potential guests. that's 3 more than i saw in the restaurant last saturday night! Pretty sad for a restaurant that claims to be above the rest. Even in the most elevated restaurants in LA or NYC wouldn't do such a thing. Read more here: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/food/30...

                        1. I would rather suffer a plate of greasy slime at The Hurricane then ever set food into, or say a kind word about, Lampreia.