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Feb 23, 2007 09:25 AM

Brittany and Bordeaux

Going to be in Brittany in June and then Bordeaux. For Brittany, in the north, any recommendations for good local restaurants and good local purveyors (cheese, etc)? For Bordeaux area, any vineyards recommended for wine tastings and any area restaurants you've liked recently? We rent houses so we always find the local markets and cook but would value other's recent experiences! thanks

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  1. Brittany: if you love oysters, go to Cancale. You can buy them from the producers very cheaply at tehe end of the sea wall. I have eaten well at many of the inexpensive restaurants on the front. All do prettty splendid plateaux de fruits de mer. There is a very expensive restaurant (two Michelin stars, I think) called La Maison de Bricourt - I haven't been there. The owner also has a wonderful tea-shop cum patisserie and a spice shop, both off the main square, in the town rather than the port. There is a superb butcher/charcuterie/general food shop on the main square.

    1. Thanks! looking forward to the oysters!

      1. If you are near Cancale or Saint Malo try the Maison Tirel Guerin, Saint-Meloir des Ondes. It is a hotel with an excellent restaurant run by 3 sisters. We have not been there for a couple of years but the food was consistently good, elegant dining room, attentive service. It was always crowded with locals and at least in the off season we were the only English speakers there. We ate lunches out and had all of our dinners at the hotel two years in a row.