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Wat Thai ...Mangoes?

I have a craving for the mango & sticky rice dish from Wat Thai. Does anyone know if the mangoes are good this time of year? Last time we went we bought a big box to bring home and they were amazing!!

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  1. Hi... On Superbowl Sunday, the mangoes were C+, quality wise. Marginally ripe, marginally sweet. They did not seem to be the usual small yellow beauties one encounters during non-winter months. To the seller's credit, she tried to talk us out of ordering her product....

    1. we just went to Wat Thai last saturday and had the mango sticky rice ... it was great (mangos included). but I can't tell you if mangos in general are good at this time of the year .....

      1. had the mangoes + sticky rice a few weeks ago, and it was delish as ever.

        1. Does anybody know the hours of the street festival at Wat Thai? I'm considering going up there tomorrow. I looked at the website, but even on the English setting a lot of the pages are written in Thai.

          Also, any tips on how to attack the festival? I want to look like I know what I'm doing when we get there. I know that you have to buy tokens first, and then you get in line, but what's a good plan of attack for getting the good food in the right order?

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            It's a lot smaller than you'd think. You'll have no trouble doing an overview of the whole place while you're waiting in line to get the tokens. My boyfriend and I went a few weeks ago, and split up in two different lines to start. He got some meat sticks while I got a papaya salad (sooo spicy, so be careful when you're asked if you like spice!). We ate those, then went back for some pork noodle soup. After that, we bought a bag of fried plantains and sweet potatoes, and finished off with a mango. (All that plus two drinks for 20 bucks, by the way! Oh, and I forgot the jello-like things that we grabbed on the way out to finish up our last two tokens. We didn't much like those...). We parked down the street on Coldwater without a problem. My understanding is that they're out there all day. We arrived around noon, and it wasn't too crowded. Have fun!

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              I go almost every weekend. Buy a bunch of tokens and look over the offerings. Decide what looks good and when deciding between 2 vendors with the same or similar foods pick the longer line! I think that they are usually longer for a good reason. Most items are $3, salads. noodle soups etc. 'Meatsicles' are $1 each, pork, beef and sour sausage are my favorites but there is also chicken, shrimp, various meatballs and a rectangular one that I don't remember what it is. Mango/Sticky Rice is $3 or $5 depending on size. I always opt for the smaller one so I can try more items. Coconut, Young Coconut, Palm and Longan Juices from the vendor at the southern end are good, $1.50 - a little more. Kanom Krok from the elderly lady west of the seating area are wonderfully tasty and $3 for 18 pieces!

              I'm not sure what the official hours are but I usually go between 1 and 3 PM. After that at around 4 PM some booths start to wrap things up but others are still open. Enjoy!

              When done you can return your tokens or do as I do and save them for next time. Be sure to check out the vendors with Thai produce and plants on the side street west of the temple, cash only.

              Check out the interior of the beautiful temple before you eat if you want to, long shirt sleeves and long pants are respectful, leave your shoes at the entrance. Enjoy!!!

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                Hi... Those are great suggestions... I would emphasize that the green papaya salad should be one of the first lines to approach. The hand made nature of each order of papaya salad results in approximately a five minute wait for each order. A fellow directly in front of me ordered 6 papaya salads to go, and his order alone resulted in a 30 minute wait. Most of the time, it is worth it!

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                Approximately 11-3 PM Saturday, Sunday and festival days.

                The papaya salad will take longest (but you can order meatsicles from the papaya salad line, but not vice versa), kanom krok the second longest.

              3. the fried plantains are yummy also as a dessert (big hit with both of my kids)

                1. I just went for the first time last Saturday and it was yummy and very inexpensive too! The papaya salad went so well with the fresh coconut juice (spicy and refreshing combination) and the pork satay for $1 can't be beat. We also tried a really tender fish curry. The mango sticky rice satisfied my craving - sweet mangos with sweet sticky rice. All in all, worth the trek!

                  1. AFAIK, the Wat Thai sticky rice sellers use Thai mangoes in their mango with sticky rice. Thai mangoes are not in season at this time of the year. I vaguely remember that there's a woman who sells Thai mangoes just outside the temple. Her mangoes are very expensive but totally worth it given the generally tasteless mangoes in markets around LA.

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                      the lady at the booth told me the mangoes she was using (last sunday) were from peru. and that in 2 weeks, they will be using mangoes from mexico.
                      they were delicious, but they didn't have any crates for sale...i had been looking forward to buying a bunch to bring home, as i've done before.

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                        Hmm.....has she never used Thai mangoes? I had the sticky rice at her stall last year and I could have sworn she told me those were Thai mangoes. A fluke perhaps?

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                          they may just vary from season to season....

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                            There is, also, I believe , more than one vendor doing the mango/sticky rice, depending on what day and what weekend one is there...

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                            i don't think she's ever used thai mangos. thai ones are pretty small- smaller than the ones i've seen at wat thai (and i go at least twice a month).

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                              In the summer they use Thai mangoes -- which are kind of like the Philippine ones but slightly less kidney-shaped.

                      2. Mmmmmmm, Wat Thai!!! My mouth is watering for the satay type chicken sticks! Also, the fried sweet potato/yam thingies - don't even care about the calories they are soooo good. Only thing I ever had there that I did not like at all were the fish/shrimp balls - awful!