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Feb 23, 2007 09:13 AM

Any good panini press/waffle iron combos out there?

What I'm looking for -- not certain it exists -- is a combination machine with removable interchangeable plates that can be a panini press and a waffle iron, and do a good job with both. Is there a decent machine out there?

The only thing I've been able to find is the George Foreman G5 . It talks a good game, but does it deliver?

Anyone recommendations (or warnings) about this or other products would be welcome. Thanks.

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  1. Truthfully, these muti-tasking machines never do a good job for anything. They are poor waffle machines and poor panini presses. You are really better off just getting a really good waffle iron. Look for one that's round with deep grates. Though, of course, I may be wrong and there could be just one that's really good at everything.

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      Yeah, I'm beginning to agree with you... (I have a decent wafflemaker, but was willing to donate it if I could save kitchen space by finding a good combination machine)

    2. I agree with digkv about the multi-tasking machines... I find they often just take up extra space. I can't help you with the waffle iron, but I have the Le Creuset cast iron grill pan and highly recommend it with the cast iron panini press top.

      1. If you do not have a G5 why answer? I've had one for over a year. It comes with a great and simple waffle recipe and there's no reason why one couldn't make a panini on it or delicious choc chip cookies without the heat and expense of firing up the oven. Of course it will only make maybe 6 at a time....It is well worth the money and the risk just to use it for a family for the grill.

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          Misterbrucie was asking for suggestions about the G5 or other products. Glad to know that the G5 works for you though.

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            Wow, the thread has come back to life after a month...

            Anyway, the reason I was asking is that I in the summers I move to a temporary job where they house us in dorm rooms. You get a mini-fridge with a microwave and then you're on your own. I take an electric pot and a rice cooker with me. Some kind of electric countertop appliance, that would expand my cooking possibilities while saving space, would be ideal. The Le Creuset grill pan sounds great but not for my situation... the G5 is looking better thanks to Jacquie's recommendation... I'm a little allergic to "celebrity products" but might end up drinking the kool-aid after all.

            I'm a little surprised that Cuisinart, Villaware, etc. don't make something like this. Maybe they tried and found that, like digkv says, they couldn't make a good one.

            Anyway, thx for the input --

        2. I have a combo waffle maker - smooth grill - the plates just reverse, and have also been looking for a combo panini - waffle maker. I see no reason why someone couldn't do the same for a combo panini grill - waffle maker. Unless they want to sell you one of each?

          1. Food Network™ 4-in-1 Grill & Griddle
            regular $139.99

            Shipping Surcharge $3.25

            I'm looking at possibly getting this one...seems its only available at Kohl's
            The Food Network 4-in-1 grill and griddle. Has the features of a grill, panini press, griddle and waffle maker. Love the versatility of an all-in-one .....the food network has to know what its talking about .... : )