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Feb 23, 2007 08:50 AM

2007 Sobe Wine and Food Fest

Is anyone going to the festival this year? If so, which events will you be attending? Would be great to hear everybody experiences of the events over the next few days.

I personally will be attending the Saturday Grand Tasting event. I've been to the fest consecutively over the past 3 years (this will be my fourth) and have always enjoyed the experience thoroughly. Nothing beats being around renowned chefs, fabulous food, and foodies to your left and right. This love for food vibe is what I most enjoy every time the festival comes around. And with the beautifully warm, sunny weather to embrace us all, who wouldn't be? :o)

Since I've only been to the tasting village, I've always been curious as to what the experiences at the dinners held around town are like. They're somewhat pricey so I haven't dared try to attend one of them yet...unless someone suggests I give it a try. Are the private dinners cooked by those renown chefs worth the price? Would you say they showcase more of their expertise at the festival or can I get the same enjoyment and experience at their namesake restaurants in NY, CA, etc.?

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  1. My niece will be there at Emeril's Kidz Kitchen tomorrow (I was able to secure tickets through the Food Network and a wonderful man there who thought it was cool my niece has been an Emeril fan since age 2.)

    We are missing it this year due to previous plans with family coming here to Tampa from out of town (I'm from Miami, live in Tampa now.) Would love to read about your reviews. I am sorry we are missing it this year, but definitely plan to go next!

    Have a great time.

    1. The BubleQ event in the Delano its very good pricey though at $ 300.00 per ticket. A friend went to the Tribute Brunch she told me the food was great and the event was worth the $ 150.00.

      1. I have gone every year and to many different events over the years. This year we attended the Bubble Q and Sat Grand Tasting. The Bubble Q is always a great time (except when it got rained out last year) but this year they ran out of bubbles around 9 and many of the dishes were also gone. The set up was nice and you couldn't have asked for better weather. It is always worth the big price tag (even running out of food and bubbles so early). The tasting was a mess. They way over sold the tickets this year and it was a mad house in the tents. I wish they would raise those ticket prices and sell less. The worse I have ever seen and I have gone every year. People were pushing and shoving trying to get in lines for food. Some would just butt right in. Some tables were so crazed it was hard to find a line. And I have never seen so many places serving ceviche. Too bad they can't coordinate how many of what dishes are served.

        1. went to grand tasting both days- i thought the same thing about the excess of ceviche on saturday! i liked the 2 champagne center displays better last year, though we spent a long time at the moet hennesy booth drinking delicious champagne mojitos on sunday. also didn't seem to be as much going on in the first tent (11-1) as last year.
          also thought giadas demo on saturday was horrible- she's not so good live, without her camera crew, commercials, etc. seemed like she kept blaming everything on the kitchen, though martha and emeril seemed to do just fine using the same set.
          overall, i thought last year was better than this year. such a fun event though; i don't mind it being crowded when you know you have 5 hours to see everything.

          1. It is a great event but 4 hours to try to do both tents and see any demos that are going on while the tasting tents are open, is tough. I still would love to see the ticket prices raised and fewer tickets sold.