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Feb 23, 2007 08:50 AM

Hendersonville, NC - Monday lunch

This Monday. Anything new happening there? Mondays can be iffy in terms of who is open.

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  1. Ok, here's what's open for Monday lunch

    Inn on Church Street
    Papa's & Beer
    Black Rose Public House
    Flat Rock Village Bakery - soup and bread only
    Hannah Flannigan's

    I guess I'm leaning towards Inn on Church, soup at Flat Rock, or Papa's & Beer

    Anyone's 2cents worth?

    1. Flat Rock Village Bakery also has the best thin crust pizza I have ever put in my pie hole. Only I'm not sure if they are open on Mondays. You'd better call to make sure: 828 693-1313.

      P.S. If secondhand smoke makes you gag avoid Hannah Flannagan's!

      1. Sweet Pea -

        I've been to Inn on Church showed some ambition and promise, and it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't "all that" either, and it WAS expensive and our waiter was a little pretentious.Nice, but wanted to explain things to me. Anyhow, I think you could get a decent meal there, but probalby not great.

        Anything they are willing to feed you at Flat Rock is worth eating. I think soup and bread there sounds like a great lunch. (hell, just bread there is all I really want). If they have the wild mushroom want it.

        Blue Water seafood if it's open is a nice casual lunch (eating in a seafood market/wine store). Across the street is hole-in-the-wall Mexican...I forget the name...El Padranos?? that might be worng. Anyway on Kanuga. Much better Mexican than Papas and beer, IMO.

        Good Luck.