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Feb 23, 2007 08:47 AM

Looking for a spanish rice recipe

Or mexican rice whatever you wanna call it, this Brazilian guy I work with gave me a recipe although im sure its good its just not what im looking for. Just something traditional and tasty. This type of food deffinatley isnt in my criteria but I want to try. So any help would be much apprieciated

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    just do it without the chicken if you wish, but I am telling you this is a really good version. My one note is about the chorizo sasauge. Make sure it is an imported spanish one, the so called spanish chorizo I often see in deli's etc (alongside the Mexican one) are not up to the job in my opinion. The authentic ones are imported from Sapin and are so much more flavourfull (and dry) then the 'home made' alternatives often availaible.