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Feb 23, 2007 08:43 AM

Scallops in San Diego

I will soon be headed to San Diego from the snow-bound North East for 5 days of R&R. Since we've been snowed in for awhile I miss heading to the Cape for fresh Scallops. Any recommendations for places in/around San Diego for wonderfully prepared fresh seafood...scallops, in particular?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Friday nite, I had a wonderful meal of Carlsbad mussels appetizer. A rather large bowl and they were great. Followed them with Marine Diver's Scallops with wild mushroom ravioli in the marvelous sauce, that all traces disappeared from the plate, and finally a Meyer's Lemon tart with sorbet & tangerine slices(?). Bernard'Os in Rancho Bernardo did not disappoint and is now better then ever along with Cavaillon In Santa Luz! There is no need to LQQK any further for perfection, then these two spots. Reasonable and comfortable.
      Now for tomorrow, the equally excellent Monday night $32 Prix Fixe Dinner at Cavaillon on Camino del Sur. I think I see some similiarity between the two restaurants.

      1. We went to Candelas for a wonderful romantic dinner. The scallops definitely were some of the best we had ever had... so tender and full of flavor... perfectly prepared.