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Feb 23, 2007 08:35 AM

kosher cookies near Plainvie L.I.??

i am looking for kosher baked goods(cookies) close to the plainview ny area. They must also be peanut free. i called Pearls(they are not peanut free) someplace open on saturday would also be helpfull

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  1. Pearl's was my first thought when you said that it was Plainview, but did not know that it was not peanut free. IIRC there was a post a few months back on the issue of peanut free which may have suggested Bageltown in West Hempstead (about 25 min +/- from Plainview).

    1. As PapaT suggested, Bageltown in West Hempstead is a peanut free bakery. However, they are closed on Saturdays.

      488 Hempstead Avenue
      West Hempstead

      1. Is Fairway peanut-free?

        1. Fairway is not peanut free

          1. Bagel Boss in Plainview? Don't know about their peanut status. 1 (888) BOSS TIME (267-7846)