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Feb 23, 2007 08:29 AM

help! client needs downright italian food tonight!

nothing fancy. just true italian food. where should i reccomend?

tre scalini has nothing open. i thought of l'angola.

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  1. L'Angolo, La Locanda del Ghiottone, Porcini, La Viola, Branzino, Mercanto come to mind

      1. Try Pesto on south Broad Street between Mifflin and Mckean.

        1. Most if not all of these are BYO, so make sure you're prepared to arrive with a nice bottle too!

          1. Osteria! I haven't been there, but from all I've heard from many sources, it's the real deal. In addition to the food, I believe they have a fairly extensive Italian wine list.

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              I highly doubt you would be able to get a table at Osteria on such short notice for a Thursday night. If there are only two or three people in the party, they may be able to score seats at the bar with minimal waiting.