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Feb 23, 2007 08:08 AM

Theater District Restaurants

Would appreciate recommendations for restaurants in theater area that are truly good and not going to break the bank. We go to shows quite frequently and always seem to end up at the same places. Type of food is not important - we eat everything.

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  1. You say you "always seem to end up at the same places." Since it would be a waste of time for Hounds to recommend places you are trying to avoid, please give us a list of those you've tried.

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      RGR - thanks for the suggestion - we're new to Chowhounds. Restaurants we've been to several times are: Becco, Thalia, Pongsri Thai, Dervish Turkish, Chez Josephine and Firebird. Nothing wrong with these - just looking for some new ideas and recommendations from people who know their stuff.

      1. re: weebly

        Definitely helpful to have that list. Here are some places I like in the Theater District area, all of which have very good food and pleasing atmospherics:

        Roberto Passon - Italian

        Cascina - Italian

        dbBistro Moderne - French

        Marseille - French/Mediterranean

        Rene Pujol - French

        West Bank Cafe - New American

        Uncle Nick's - Greek See for details

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      1. We too always end up at the same places. Last week, we tried Tintol, a Portugese tapas restaurant on 46th/6-7. We had a short rib special and a tuna special, stuffed calamari, spinach with pine nuts and raisins, fries with paprika, the mixed dessert. Everything we ate was exceptional. The bartender was very helpful with choosing a wine. The services was friendly. We found it to be fun and a good value.

        1. Also Scarlatto on W. 47th-also owned by Roberto Passon. Very reasonabley priced.Pastas $10 & up. Most entrees under $20. Wonderful selection of desserts at $7. See website: