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Feb 23, 2007 08:07 AM

UCF Burger places

Looking for some good burger places near and around the University of Central Florida. Preferably no more than 15 minutes away. Doesn't have to be fancy or upscale or anything (on a college budget, "fancy" doesn't bode too well anyway), and I'd prefer to stay away from national chains. Because the area is so relatively new, local places have been really hard to find, but I know they're out there. Any help for a poor college student?

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  1. Not my favorite, but there is a What-a-Burger on University Boulevard.

    I like Backyard Burgers a lot, also a chain, also on University,

    I'm not getting any hits on this one on Google, so maybe I have the name wrong. There is a diner-looking place Colonial, east of Alafaya and before the 408 that is called something like "5 & dime." If it is still there, they have good burgers and shakes. Again, a chain, but from Arizona. This is only one in the east.

    There are other, better burgers, but not within 15 minutes.


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      Ahhh the 5 & Diner- I have fond memories of that place from when I was a UCF student not so many years ago. I can't imagine it would have closed and it was delicious.

    2. Oh, one more. You don't say where you are from, but if you don;t know Steak & Shake, you might enjoy the, Closest to you is at:

      11850 University Blvd., Orlando FL 32817, 407-382-2121, Faxasak 407-382-2075


      1. Oddly, it doesn't show up on their consumer Web site, <> but if you Google it with Orlando, it shows up on their franchise Web site. Which makes me wonder if they are still open.

        Here's the address:

        12286 E. Colonial Drive
        Orlando, FL 32826
        Monday - Sunday 7am - 1am
        Telephone: (407) 207-1952

        and the website:

        Please, some one check it out and report back. Since the Orlando store is a lone outpost, it could just be that the franchisee gave up on it.

        That would be sad.


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        1. re: Bob Mervine

          I remember there was a 5 & Diner on Wickham Road and Eau Gallie Blvd in Melbourne about 5-6 years ago, in the Wal-Mart parking lot. . .it's a Denny's now. Not a noticeable difference in food, honestly. (Though the decor changed quite a bit.) I prefer Steak and Shake.

        2. They are still open I ate breakfast there just last week...never tried their burger though. I know you said no chains but there is also a new Cheeburger Cheeburger in Waterford Lakes and I had a good burger there the other day.

          1. Unfortunately I myself lament that there are not really any good burgers around UCF. I wish a Five Guys would move in nearby. I think they could do really well. I once had a pretty decent burger up at Froggers on Alafaya, just south of Mitchell Hammock.