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Feb 23, 2007 08:06 AM

crowne palace, middltwn or marlboro?

which is the better CP, middletown or marlboro? no website, anyone know if its BYOB?

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  1. Marlboro Crown Palace is my go-to dim sum place. I've never ordered off of the regular menu and have heard that the regular menu items are not particularly good. It is not BYOB. I haven't been to the Middletown location.

    1. Since I live in Marlboro, I can respond with experience. Crown Palace is BY FAR the best chinese food in the area. They have the best hot and sour soup and lo mein/chow fun dishes. I would also reccomend the crabs in black bean sauce or the peppercorn shrimp. Another appetizer that is good is the chicken in foil. Everything is extremely tasty. I dont think I have ever had a bad dish from there. We also order chinses food probably twice a week every week for 15 years. lol

      1. I've commented about this before on this board. The Marlboro location is 5 minutes from our house. We tried it not long after they first opened, and the dishes we had were poor to mediocre. One was so bad that we voiced our concerns to a manager. We received an extremely nasty response. Needless to say, we've never been back. That experience was with the regular menu. But even if the dim sum were the best in the entire universe, I would never consider going there again.

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          ARGH! RGR, you are my source for all food information and now I find that the chinese which will also be 5 minutes from my house is mediocre? Say it isn't so!

        2. hmmmm, anyone for Middletown comments? thanks hounds.

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            I've been to the Middletown location on many occassions. My favorite food outing is Sunday Dim Sum there. I've always had excellent meals and like the fact that they also have a dedicated menu with the stuff that we Americans wouldn't normally eat.
            They have excellent braised dishes as well. I recommend the place highly. Yes, they have a liquor license.

          2. I have always found the Middletown location to be consistantly good. Not nearly outstanding, like Westlake, but always good. I second their braised dishes and for some reason I like their fried rice a lot too. One more thing, if you get there early enough in the day, go next door and buy some of the best roast meats outside nyc chinatown.

            I only go to the other location (which is much closer to my house) when dragged there by friends. Odd how two places supposedly the same can be soooo different.

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                West Lake Chinese Restaurant
                1016 State Route 34
                Matawan, NJ 07747
                (732) 290-2988