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Feb 23, 2007 08:04 AM

B-day dinner in LA

Looking for a moderately priced, fun place with good food for a birthday dinner. Location can be anywhere from the beach to downtown, sunset to the 10 frwy. I would like it to have some atmosphere, but not too loud, good food...anything thing from Italian, Tapas, Fusion.....just as long as it is a little interesting. Last request.....priced between $20-25 per person with app, no drinks. Thanks all!!!

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  1. How many people?

    My first recc would be Luna Park - La Brea/Wilshire!

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      1. re: waterisgood

        They do have great food, but it's impossibly loud in there, so if you want to have a conversation, maybe try someplace else.

      2. You should try Axe on Abbot Kinney in Venice, or Wilson in Culver City. Both have delicious food, cool atmosphere and aren't crazy expensive. Happy B-Day.

        1. Cobras and Matadors

          Happy birthday!

          1. A.O.C. -- perfect for a group. Get the roasted dates with parmesan and bacon, and your friends might not care if you go slightly over budget.

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions....we ended up at Primitivo and had a great time all around. I had read lots of threads on lots of places and Primitivo just sounded cool, plus I love Abbot Kinney. Reservations were for 7:45. We got there a little early and hung out at the very crowed bar. The restraunt was packed at 7:30. After drinking some wine for about 10 minutes, a server volunteered to see if our table was ready and we were seated right away. We sat in the back in a really cozy enclosure, across from a pretty looking garden/nursery. The food was amazing, very flavorful. For 4, we ordered dates wrapped in bacon that were sooooo good, calamari, 2 orders of tiger shrimp in this amazing garlic sauce, and the paella that did NOT take 45 nimutes and was absolutely delicious. We drank this amazing Spanish wine and ate lots of bread. The desserts were good too. The service was perfect and we all had a great time. This place has a good vibe-a mixed crowd of ages and ethnicities, dark inside with lots of candles and upbeat. You can valet in front or drive around the corner, park in the lot in back, pay 5 bucks and walk in through the back. All of us would return!!!

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                Thanks for taking the time to let everyone know where you ended up and how you liked it. We too like Primitivo. It has a really nice vibe and good food at a reasonable price point. I look forward to your next review, wherever that might have taken you.