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Feb 23, 2007 07:50 AM

Lunch near El Pelon that's not El Pelon?

I'm interning near Fenway, and I've had enough burritos, delicious though they may be? Are there other places nearby that are cheap and delicious for lunch?

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  1. Supposedly Ro Dee 2 is really great...But I've never passed up the burrito to find out. The other Brown Sugar is near by though, and they have great thai food too. But they are a sit down place.

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    1. re: JamesHH

      Rod Dee is quite good and super cheap cafeteria-style Thai.

    2. Trattoria Toscana isn't tacqueria cheap, but it is certainly great value for the quality, and right in the area. I believe they open at noon.

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        During the week, they make a special effort to have a nice lunch for the neighbors. I'll second this but remember on Saturday they serve the dinner menu all day.

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          Absolutely go to Trattoria Toscana. Their soups are the #1 thing to order. Tuscan bread soup rocks and the veggie soup ( a puree with a drizzle of nice olive oil) is great, too. Salads are passable (nothing so great) and I would have liked for the liver crostini to have a bit more wine/sherry flavor. Pastas are very flavorful and big portions for short money. I am not a dessert person at all but they do a really nice tiramisu (I know, I know, it's almost cliche, but this version was very good - far better than the one I tried a week prior at Via Matta).

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              In between El Pelon and Sorrento's.

          1. I third the Rod Dee rec....they have the best pad Thai around, IMO. Great prices, too.

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              i like their pad thai also, but interestingly another poster trashed it recently. i like brown sugar also. haven't been to trattoria toscana, but it seems like this is one of the better little chow strips in boston.

            2. I know the Linwood isn't tops on everyone's list, but they serve a sizable fried fish sandwich w/ greeat fries for about $7 or $8. Decent pulled pork sandwich, etc. all <$10. Canestraro's downthe block on Peterborough is okay. Brown Sugar as well priced Thai lunch specials.