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Feb 23, 2007 07:47 AM


Anyone try the new cafe/champagne bar in Adams Morgan yet? I was wondering if its worth a shot since it's right near my apartment or if I should wait another month or so. I've never been to Cafe Bonaparte but it's owned by the same folks.

Any suggestions on what to get?

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  1. Do I might be going there for dinner sometime this week...any one else been there? The menu you looks quite good. Suggestions on what to order?

    1. I've been reading a lot of reviews over on and the reviews have been mostly "meh" or just walk a little while longer and go to Birstro du Coin for better food at a better price.

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        I had brunch there a few weeks ago, and besides the rude service, everything was great. I had a veggie panini type sandwich which looked and tasted wonderful. The fries were also a hit. Everyone I went with was very satisfied... plus, great prices!

        1. re: LisaB

          Ya I've heard some spotty things about there service...maybe its because they just opened---although that has nothing to do with an attitude problem!

      2. I had a pretty rotten experience there the other night and agree with the others. A group of friends met there for happy hour on Friday night (advertised 5-7) when we got our bill, all the drinks were full price (and over priced in my opinion). When I asked our server to check the bill again, he said he forgot to tell us that happy hour ended at 6, not 7 on Fridays. He refused to honor the happy hour prices, even though he confirmed before we ordered the 5-7 happy hour. Not exactly the way to drum up a local customer base. I doubt I'll go again.

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          You should write them a letter. That's totally unacceptable.

          1. re: ChocoHound

            I agree, though it seems from friends experiences that the management doesn't seem particularly interested in customer service.

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              Somebody stole my jacket at Napoleon last night. Nice place, but spotty. Beware... I am never going there again.

          2. Had bad service there --- sometimes along the lines of incompetent, sometimes more snooty. The place tries to push itself as being sort of high class but there's absolutely nothing about the place that gives itself the right to label itself that way. And that god awful decor!! I would imagine it to be what a place practicing the "oldest profession in the world" would look like. Ok if you live in the hood and maybe just want to grab a quick drink one night and not go far, but I'd never make a point to suggest to a friend to go or take anyone there.

            1. I had been so excited to try this place. Looked cool, looked like there were people there most of the time... So popped in last night and was sooo dissapointed!! First off, the service was good. The wait staff was attentive. Just to give you an idea of how bad our meal was - they were trying hard to make things right but when you've got lousy cooking, what can they do? We ordered a cheese plate (not great for $12) the Mussels Poulette (dry! No sauce), Our entrees were laughable. My partner ordered the Grilled lamb sausage (sounds succulent right? I swear we thought we were being Punkd when the dish arrived at our table! There were 4 measly dark shrivelled of links the size of breakfast sausages!! I ordered the veal stew, which was supposed to creamy and with vegetables, etc. It looked like vomit in a tartiflette plate - cold and tasted like cream of mushroom soup added to old chipped beef! I think even the wait staff was ashamed to serve us these plates. We sent the dishes back and then we saw a woman across from us also complain about her meal, only she was nicer about it and just decided to eat it! The manager offered us the menu once again so we could place another order but geez, we thought take the entrees off and play fair. Nope. They took away the plates, offered us a chocolate mousse and stuck us with the charges for that awful meal. Never again! If you like fries and ketchup. I have to give it to Napoleon. Those were great!!